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I think at some point, we all wonder what's inside each other make up bag. Finally I took the time to share what's inside mine. Everyone has different tastes and opinions regarding how their make up bags are - someone people like to take half of the their make up collection, others like to keep it within the minimum. Personally, I like the idea of being prepared for any occasion but not overwhelming my make up bag with items. Things like foundation and primers have no space here for example. I might think about adding a small container of concealer and a travel sized mascara for example. And more blotting paper. But let's see what I actually have inside :

Compact Mirror
This mirror was actually a gift of my brother, which is why I decided to place it here without thinking twice. I might have a mirror on my powder compact but sometimes when I am just retouching my lipstick, it's better to use this once. It means there will be less chances of me breaking ( again) my favourite powder compact.

Clinique Chubby Stick in 14 Curvy Candy
I got this guys from a Sephora Sale last year and I decided it was the perfect for my make up bag. Let's imagine I forget to pack lipstick one day...I'll always have this guy on hand. It's not super pigmented but it is enough. It's also moisturising, which really helps considering that my lips sometimes decide to get chapped. I'm curious about other shades they might have.

Sephora Eyeshadow Jumbo Pencil in Beige
I also got this from the sales section last year. I used to have this shoved inside my drawer but later I decided to have it here. Let's imagine I don't have time in the morning to do my eye make up but I happen to have 5 extra minutes before class. I can easily apply this little guy on my lips and that's it. Eye look done without any type of fuzz or issues.

Sephora waterproof Brown Pencil
I think we can all notice how much I love this pencil. I'm actually on the hunt for a similar pencil. I like to have this little guy for the same reason I like to have my eyeshadow jumbo pencil - I can just line my waterline with this and I'll have a simple make up look done without any issues or problems. I can also do retouches to other make up looks with it. Seriously, having this on hand is a good thing.

O Boticário EGO Woman dolce roll-on Perfume
This is probably one of funnier things I own here. Every time I pull this out people look at me and ask what am I using and how good it smells. I like roll-on perfumes because they are easy to apply and carry. I tend to always apply perfume in the morning time but, some times I like to retouch it and this is just perfect. I might get a new one soon since this one is more than half-way trough.

Essence Powder Brush
This is the cheapest brush I own. It isn't spectacular or anything special but does the job - applying powder and retouch my make up during the day.  And that's all I ask/need to. Although I might switch for a retractable brush one of these days - I used to want one from Too Faced because of how cute it was.

Catrice Prime and Fine Mattifying Powder Waterproof
A staple in my make up bag. This is my favourite powder - it is transparent, super fine and lightweight and takes care of any oiliness or shine from my face without any major issue. It also doesn't leave that powdery/cakey look that some powders tend to do. I once broke the compact of one of these and I was seriously heart broken because of it.

Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother
If you every wanted to try out the Clarins Lip Perfector but you don't want or can spend that amount of money on a tinted lip balm, check this one! It's the perfect combination of a lip gloss and lip balm. When I am no wearing the clinique chubby stick, I go for this one. I also like to use it on top of lip tints. It's super moisturising and makes my lips look a lot more healthier and good looking.

Lastly but not least, I might also have random lipsticks inside my make up bag - here yo can see cinnamon kiss from Too Faced which was what I had been wearing on the previous day. You might also find NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams and the Sephora Lip Stains here on a daily basics.
I hope you enjoyed this post! Take care.

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