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As someone with oily and really fine hair, dry shampoo is something I like to have with me. A small can can always be found on my bad and during my travelling.
I remember the huge rave that stroke YouTube and Blogs in the UK when this collection was released. Everyone said this was the best dry shampoo - it would give volume, work and was invisible. I have brown hair so I used to struggle with the white cast that would sit on my roots when I used my old dry shampoo...this seemed to be a miracle. Because I was curious and I didn't wanted to settle for something in particular, I decided to get the Travel set from Feelunique - when they weren't shipping from the UK mainland and my package got this huge tax issue ( which is why I probably won't be ordering from them...I'de rather order from LookFantastic, HQhair or BeautyBay since they all ship from the UK and I don't have least until the UK leaves the EU - which is something I shouldn't talk about here...but to be honest I don't know how that is going to end).
Anyway, they had this really nice travel sized pack with 5 different dry shampoos ( and a bag, which is lost in the Island of travel Bags that I have). They pretty much do the same thing - give volume, they don't give a white cast, they are really refreshing to my scalp and they smell nice. Some better than others - My favourites are Paris, Rio and New York. London and Tokyo aren't bad, but they aren't my thing to be honest.
They pretty much have all the same effect on me. For starters they all leave this really wonderful fresh feel to my scalp, which is something really nice. They don't leave that horrible white cast filter on my roots like some dry shampoos do and they give a really nice boost of volume. But don't get to excited to the "boost of volume" - it isn't that much and it will fade  out during the day.
To be honest, I don't see my self repurchasing these any time soon. Not only because they don't hold de volume/fresh look to it, but because I actually tried out something else that it is cheaper and that I can get easily without any extra tax or customs issues. But if you don't have a really, really oily hair and a more thicker hair than mine, this will probably work out better for you. Specially because they still have the winning point of being invisible and with a nice smell.

Have you tried any other dry shampoo ? I'm always open to recommendations. I had an issue with one from Bumble&Bumble because it didn't do a thing and with another one from Syoss that would leave this horrible white cast on my roots. So far I am thinking about getting Batiste - specially because they now also sell at primark, which makes my life a lot easier. I'm also curious about one from Tigi,
I hope you enjoyed this post! I'm trying ( in the middle of a heat wave) to work around more posts and content to the blog, since now I finally have more free time to do it properly. Take care, have a nice day!

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