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 Hello Hello! I'm finally able to write a proper review regarding this foundation! I wanted to do it before but due to my winter paleness I wasn't really able to do it until now.  I wish brands would carry out more paler shades - it's really hard to get a decent match from any Maybelline or L'Oreal foundation here for example. I'll always have to order them online, otherwise it is as if I had spread nutella on my face.
I used to go for extremely matte foundations but, as I started to age, my foundation taste changed. I'm now more into lightweight and natural looking foundations. I like it when it looks like my own skin but better. And with this in my mind I decided to get my hands on the Clinique Even Better Foundation, since it claims to even out the skin tone without looking too cackey or anything like that.  It isn't just my thing.

 Starting with the pros and what I really like about this foundation, I have to say I love the packaging. It's super compact, easy to work with and to remove product. Sometimes pumps can work a little funnier - like the one my Benefit Foundation has - and no pumps can be a nightmare as well. The way this tube was designed tackles all of that in my opinion. The Medium coverage of this foundation allows me to wear it both on a daily basics and both on special occasions - although with some limitations which I'll explain once I mention the cons.  It gives a gorgeous glow to the skin, making it look natural. It is also easy to blend and build up the coverage and doesn't emphasise any dry batches. Dehydrated and combination skins will probably enjoy this foundation more than actual oily skins. Although I need to mention that once I set my T-Zone and with the correct weather, there isn't too much fuzz,
In terms of cons I have to say that this isn't a foundation for really hot and extremely humid weathers, since It won't take too long for this to break around the areas of your nose and so. It will also look way too oilier - believe me, I did that mistake this year ( Thank God for my Catrice Powder!!). With that in mind, I wouldn't recommend this foundation if you are looking for a long wearing one because at the 6 hour mark it will eventually start to break. Other than that, there isn't much more to pin point about it.

One thing that leaves me quite sad is the fact that the lightest shade carried in my county ( 03 Ivory) is really dark for me during the winter time - which would be the best season for this foundation. I'll probably have to use it while I transition from my kind-of-a-tan or I'll have to get a white base to mix with it so that I can work with it during the winter time.
If you are looking for a full-cover foundation with a matte finish, this isn't for you. Now if your skin is more on the drier side and you tend to look for something more natural-looking, this foundation is probably one of the best options for you. I'll compare this one to the Benefit foundation in the future to see which one is better.
I hope you enjoyed the post, take care!

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