Nude Palettes : Urban Decay Naked Palette vs TheBalm NUDE'tude Palette


I was doing a overlook around my palette drawer and I realized I wasn't giving too much love to these two palettes. In that moment two things appeared in my mind : one I needed to obviously use them more often again since I still really like both of them and two - I need to compare them.Both are amazing palettes that neutral lovers love and appreciate.

Starting off, both palettes are cruelty-free (even thou Urban Decay was bought by L'Oréal a few years ago, they still maintain their Cruelty-free status). They are also made of cardboard, although the Urban Decay Naked Palette has that "fur" on top, which I personally don't really like since it can get messy really fast and it's hard to take care. On the other hand, TheBalm's NUDE'tude palette has a more sturdy cardboard, which is a lot easier to clean and take care of. Also it has really amazing artwork - both in and out. They also carry a good sized mirror and both came with a brush. If you are wondering were the Urban Decay's brush is, let me tell you - in my brush container next to my Zoeva Brushes. I'm not a huge fan of the Urban Decay brushes, mostly because I believe they could have better and softer synthetic bristles. This brush is quite stiff and hard to work with, which is why I only use it when I am applying glittery shades after spraying it with a mist or a setting spray. But still, it is manageable. On the other hand, the same cannot be said about the TheBalm brush...I just don't know what to do with it...maybe filling the brows with it? I believe so far both palettes are tied.
(from left to right : Buck; Sin; Half Baked; Smog; Toasted; Gunmetal)

Now let's check each Palette in detail. Urban Decay's Naked Palette was released first and many believe that it was this palette that made Neutrals cool again. Personally it wasn't until YouTube that I started to hear about it. It was a staple item to everyone, specially those who wanted to be "cool". Brands soon started to dupe it or to release their own version of a neutral palette. I have to say that I couldn't wait until I finally got it for myself - it was my first high end beauty product. The shades of this palette are kinda on the cool side, with exception for Half Baked - which can explain wht I haven't been using this palette as much in recent times.
Although I prefer warmer shades, don't get me wrong - I still like this it. It is an iconic palette with iconic shades. My favourites are Sin, Half Baked and toasted. Gunmetal is a shade I really don't care for since I never thought about using this type of grey shades - although it would be a fun challenge. The Same goes for Creep ( and many other black eyeshadows in general)
The shadows texture is quite good, although I am a bit disappointed with the matte shadows ( specially Naked) since they got a really strange film out of nowhere and I believe that one shadow in particular ( again Naked) is ruined and can't be used again. But I have to say, I own other Urban Decay Palettes - Theodora and Naked 3 - and their matte texture is completely different. So maybe they did a reformulation. I also wish they would repackage this palette - something like their Naked 3 or the new Naked Smoked - and updated some of the shades. But until that, I'll make my mission to wear their shimmery shades more often during the fall season. I'm also considering if I won't be switching this one for the Naked 2 palette - who has more cooper-inspired shades and has my favourite shade from this palette - half baked. Apart from all I said, I wish these shadows would hold a bit longer - but maybe the updated version with the new formula holds a bit longer?  But nothing that a good primer, base and setting spray won't fix.

(from Left to Right : Sassy; Snobby; Stand-offish ; Selfish; Sultry; Seductive; Sexy)

Now regarding the NUDE'tude palette, this one was released later when theBalm products were really hard to get in Europe - which isn't the case any more. This was almost a cult product at the time and when the brand was finally available without fuzz I decided to get it. Another Neutral palette? Why not? In my defence this palette has interesting shades that I don't own in another palettes.
For example, Sexy is a really nice burgundy shade - perfect for the Fall and Winter Looks. I'm actually having a tone of ideas surrounding it - who knows, I might do a post about it later? I also really like selfish which is a really pretty taupe shade. And a honourable mention to the pink shades  Stubborn and Stand-offish and to the warm browns Sultry and Seductive.
The only shades - besides the black eyeshadow - that I really don't like are Sassy and Snobby. Sassy is a pure white shades...I would only use it to highlight my inner corner but to be honest I have better shades for that. And Snobby is just a weird yellow...I'd rather have a more golden shade in this palette.
Besides that, I really like the formula of this palette - the shimmers and satins are buttery and the mattes are just perfect. They also hold for hours beautifully without creasing.

Now you must be wondering " which would you recommend?" To be honest both. It really depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a safe option an iconic palette like the Naked Palette would probably be the best option. But if you want something that allows you to have neutral looks and fun looks at the same time, maybe the NUDE'tude will be an option for you.
And funny thing, I'm actually considering if I should get the "sister" palettes that both of these have. Naked 2 has more copper -based tone and NUDE'dude ( yes, that's the name...and yes there are draws of dudes in there) is more warm pink-based. I think I already know what will be on my Christmas whishlist this year!
I hope you enjoyed this post! I'm currently thinking about maybe doing a Zoeva Cocoa Palette vs Zoeva Rose Golden Palette in the future. Take Care and have a nice day!

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