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I thought a lot about this before taking any decision. As some of you might know - others not so much - this blog turned 3 years. It has been my goal, work and safe place. It made me excel my own odds, it made me work harder and harder.

When I started this blog, my main focus was beauty. It was something that I always enjoyed - both skin care and make up. To this day I still enjoy writing about products playing with them and editing content to this blog. But with attending University classes my time got shorten. I had less time to spend thinking about whether I would like Coralista more than Sugarbomb for example. I would just use them and end of story. But was always able to keep other interests and passions. Which is why I decided to expand the topics of the blog. Not only I'll keep writing about beauty, I also want to write more personal/lifestyle posts. I also want to write about books, movies and comics.  As a Art/Literature student I am always reading and watching films so...why not have a few posts about it? I already have a few posts in line to be prepared.
I hope no one takes offence in this change but I felt like I needed to do this at some point. I want to keep posting content here as much as I can. The issue is, sometimes I just feel like writing about something that isn't blush or lipstick related.
This change also kinda connects with myself and how I portrait myself. I am a young woman who loves books and comics. I'm quite geeky to be honest and that's fine. For most of my life I felt like I should be ashamed of it and hide it. Like why? There's nothing wrong with it. So I'll embrace it as much as I can. It's part of me.
With all of this said, I look forward to share some of my thoughts soon. I might write my personal thoughts regarding the new Suicide Squad Film -  I kinda need to sit down and write my thoughts with care. I'm planning on also enjoying what's left of freedom before Uni starts again.
Thank you very much for reading! 

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