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These two babies are the crown jewel of what will become my comic collection. I usually read comic online but I am starting to put effort into getting physical versions - not only to help the comic industry and those who worked on the stories , but also because I like to collect things that I love. Collection comics is something that I like as much as collection Harry Potter Books (because I am collection more than one version...).
Before anything let me tell you this : I love both Marvel and DC Comics. I am not part of any type of war like " who's better" or "who's cooler". I love characters from both Universes for different reasons. So no wars around here please?

Today I'll be talking about Ms. Marvel - the new version with Kamala Khan and not the old version with Carol Danvers ( which is now known as Captain Marvel). I first heard about the premise of this comics when it was first released by Marvel and I got curious. But to be honest it took a while until I finally decided to give the comic a shot - but I am really glad that I did.
I started to read Ms. Marvel last year. At the time I struggling with uni-related issues and with many emotional problems. I was kind off a mess. I was way too focused into work, unhappy and pretty much trying to find an escape. This comic book was the escape and fresh air. I never expected that it would be that.

Set in Jersey city, Ms. Marvel is the story of a bright young teenager Kamala Khan. Kamala comes from a Muslim family and deals with the fact that she is an American Teenager, but still has the Pakistani roots. Don't be fooled if you think the story surrounds around Religion - it may address it from time to time, but this comics is so much more than that. Kamala loves her city and its people. She is a huge fan of the Avengers - among other suff. Her lines are full of Geek and Fandom references, which as geek myself I am always fangirling whenever I read them. She has the usual struggles of any teenager - trying to not disappoint her family, feeling the pear pressure, her relationship with her bests friends and lastly and not least, dealing with her new-acquired abilities and what she can do to the community with them. She isn't aiming for fame or anything. I think she took the expression "with great power comes responsabilities" to the core of her heart.
No Normal
This volume contains chapters 1 to 5 and is the introduction to the character. It is how she found her identity as hero. It tells us how she got her powers and how she eventually built her hero persona.  At first she takes in the image of Carol Danvers but soon she finds a image for herself. We are able to see her first struggles between trying to maintain her double-life - at fist no one new she had powers. She struggles with her parents because they notice a different attitude - for example her mother get suspicious when Kamala asks for her Burkini ( which is part of her Hero Look). By the End of this volume we already found her identity established and we have a peak into who will be her first foe.

Generation Why
This volume contains Chapters 6 to 11 and picks directly from the previous volume. It starts featuring a really interesting character - Wolverine, with his Classic Yellow Costume - who helps Ms. Marvel. The relationship dynamics of the two is really good - almost as if Wolverine represent the Old Age of Comics, telling Kamala that she is officially part of the Marvel Family. Queen Medusa even says that they are quite alike. But Ms. Marvel also wins a new companion - who is big, full of fur and loves hugs. Perfect. He also happens to have powers ( of course he has!!). By the end of the volume Ms. Marvel is able to catch her first villain and stablish herself officially as the Hero of Jersey City.

But don't think that her story stops here. So far there are more 3 volumes ( an many other chapters) and Ms. Marvel is now as Official Member of the Avengers - alongside Thor, Iron Man, Captain Marvel  and many others. She keeps dealing with problems in Jersey City and in her life. She keeps bringing a perspective of positivity and hard work. I can't recommend this comic enough! I can't wait to get my hands into more collectable volumes like these.
I hope you enjoyed this post because I truly enjoyed writing it. Take care everyone!

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