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Hello dears!
Since we are going to start the back to school season, I decided to create a number of posts related with the theme that may help you. The first ones probably won't be related with beauty or fashion, but I'll to make them helpful.
Today's Post is about Tips and Tricks from students and how to manage for example college - which might sound strange for some people. Not all country's have the same college program. For example, the Studying in England is totally different from Studding in Portugal or Spain. Most UE courses have the style because of the Bologna Treatment (although I believe that they should revise it...for students sake and better education).
So, if you feel that none of this can be applied to you, I'm really sorry. But if they can help you, I'll be really happy.

  • Writing down everything that the Teacher says - You guys are looking to this and thinking "this girl is sooo crazy, that's super normal" maybe. But a lot of people only concentrate themselves about what the teacher is writing on the board or presenting on the panel, not what he actually says. It's not the first time that important details get lost there. I had a Philosophy teacher that would keep important details from us like that. And he would give us extra points if we used his tips.  So try to get those details and pare them with other note that he/she might give you. 

  • Schemes - Schemes are amazing for those who don't like to study by looking to huge pieces of paper and shinny words. With schemes you can write down the most important ideas and leave out all the extra stuff for the test. 

  • Didactic Material  - Some classes are done well with the support of things like videos and movies. You can sometimes find this work easily on YouTube. Try to thing outside the box and look for yourself. believe me, it will help you a lot. 

  • Utilize paperwork - You know when the teacher tells you do a work, you think "God, why am I doing this?" and after a while, you realize that the theme you worked on that paperwork end you on your test? Best thing you can do is utilize that work. Since you are spending time doing it, why not spending time learn something with it? You can also for example, save a copy and use that as a support material for you study. It would be two works for the price and time of one. 

  • Elder Support - I don't know how other schools and colleges work but, here in Portugal we have a Godfather/Godmother system. Usually a younger student has an elder student as a godfather, and usually the elder student provides some of his old notes to the younger student. I know that not everyone can have this but, why not ask help to a older friend or to a older brother? They probably don't need that information and it would help you a lot. 

  • Organize yourself - Try to get a small agenda, or even on your phone and computer and write down every test and delivery date. You'll be organized and you won't have any bad surprise. 

  • Don't waste time - If you are like me, you probably won't get to have the most organized notes during class, but you can always organize them at home (which counts as study as well!) . Don't waste time during classes about if one title got a pink or a orange colour. Work that out at home. 

  • Talk about it - try to discuss your class work with your peers. Believe me, it will help you to unconsciously to retain precious information. Better understand than memorize. 

  • Don't leave everything for last - it makes a huge difference. If you control your time and deliveries and studies, everything will be fine, believe me. Leaving everything for last won't be good. Unless you are a sparkle vampire and don't sleep at night. (I'm joking, don't take this offensive) 

  • Flash Cards - Flash cars are another good option. Play them with a friend, taking turn and luckily, both of you will be learning something and having fun at the same time!

  • If you are a History Student or are Studding Art - try to go to museums, believe me, it will make a huge difference. If you don't have a museum next to you, try to watch good documentaries. 

  • If you are studding a different language - try to watch movies without subtitles and listening to music. It will stimulate you connection with that language and assimilate their expressions. Reading comics can also help, because you have the draws guidance. I did all of this when I decided to learn better English and it helped me a lot. Once you get a nice level, try to read and write more in that language - for me, I now read a lot of fan-fictions and as you can see, I have this blog. 

I know that some of this tips are either really talked about or really crazy. But I hope that even with that, they end up helping you. I'll work on another post, like your school makeup-related kit, what to wear, and even a motivation one. 
Thank you for reading and I'm really sorry for any misspelling you may find. 
Please take care.

With Love,

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