Skin Care Haul


Hello dears!
Today I'll be showing you a little skin care haul I did this week. Some of my favorite products were getting used up and I need to get new ones. And I also I was able to take advantage of some promotions. 


This Monday I went to Colombo - one of the biggest mall's in Portugal - with a dear friend of mine to catch one each other and to see how sales where and next season's collections After walking around, our last stop was on The Body Shop. They had a buy 3-pay 2 promotion which I thought it was wonderful! I needed a new bottle of Tonic - because this is my favorite tonic after all and a new bottle of Tea Tree's Oil. Because of the promotion, I end up also buying (or free) the new Tea Tree Face Scrub (I'm praying that this one get's to be better than the old version). I really want to go there again and get more things with this promotion, specially the Honey Bronze Bronzer and their new Makeup removers!!


On Tuesday I went to Continente (which is a big supermarket chain, they sell food and a bit of everything) and I went to their pharmacy department (also known as Well's) and I stock up myself on my favourite moisturizer - Hydreane Legere from La Roche-Posay. It's funny, I bought the first one by mistake. I was getting a nice moisturizer for my brother because he had lost his (he has super dry skin) and when I got home he had found his and they didn't match. I end up trying out to see if it was nice and...God! It was amazing. I have Oily Skin but, my skin is also dehydrated, so if I hydrate it, it won't produce more oil. Now I was running out and I needed to get it. Also, because La Roche-Posay is celebrating their 100 year anniversary, it came with a mini bottle of thermal water (amazing for having on my bag) and a mini Hydreane BB Cream. 
Next, I got an eye cream from Lierac. I never tried out eye creams (yeah, shame on me), but I decided that my eyes also needed to be taken care of. I saw some really good review on Lierac's eye creams, so I got Dioptigel, which helps with my puffy eyes. 


At last, but not least - also from Well's I got another tube of Effaclar Duo from La Roche-Posay. This product is amazing. I seriously can't live without it. This is my second tube and I'm predicting that I won't leave this product out of my routine anytime soon.
For last, from Continente's I got a Clay and Lavender Face Mask from Le Petit Olivier. It's a really nice face mask and again, it's my second tube of this. Although, I want to get my hands on their regular clay version and on their clay + tea tree version.

I hope that you enjoyed this post.
And by the way, do you guys love the new look? I worked on it all afternoon.
I'll try to post a new review or something by the end of the week.
Please Take Care,
Have a nice day!
With Love,

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