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Hello dears!

Today I'll be sharing a really small haul, just related with accessories. Just one of the times was bought without promotion, all the rest was bought with reduced price.

Starting with Claire's items. So, because of Girl's Generation video I got a Boy, I've been obsessed with headbands with ears. I almost bought ones on-line, but then I saw these ones on Claire's. And haunt Began. I feel in love with the second ones (with the pearls). Recently, after saving some money and getting some extra from my family for helping them out, I decided that it was time for me to get them. The problem was that I couldn't find them. which is why I got the green ones and paid the full-price. But then, I was tip-off that the ones with the pearls where available at another store.After arranging a coffee meet with a friend and a really awesome lunch with my family at an American Restaurant (50's Inspired! I'll post photos about it later this weekend) I went to this new store to finally get them. I thought I was going to pay full price, but they had discount (not sure why or how). Anyway, because of that I had some extra money and I decided to look around the mall and see if I could find more opportunities.

With the extra money, I was able to buy all of this items. And yes, it's pure coincidence that they are all mint-green/turquoise.

The glasses where another item that I wanted for ages. When I saw that they were 70%off I couldn't resist and get them. Then, I saw that Bijou Brigitte (it's a Accessory-related store) also carried this fabric hair ties. I got two (also with 70% off) and I'm really happy about it. They don't break my hair or anything! 

At last, but not least I got an Owl ring. For those who don't know, I'm a Potterhead (huge fan of Harry Potter) so Owls are a quite obsession (along with nice sheep's because they are super cute! ).

Here you can see how how the ring looks like. It's so cute, and the colour is amazing. Will totally bright up the dark colours of Autumn.
I hope that you enjoyed this really small haul.
Please take care, have a nice day.*
With Love,


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