Birthday Wishlist for 2013


Hello Dears! So, my birthday is coming up on September.
I've been thinking and I finally made a little list of what I really want for this year.
I usually tend to leave the more expensive products for occasions like this (birthdays and Christmas), with the exceptions of when I have some extra  money and I take advantage of Sephora's 20% off discounts  or their sales (like this Summer, when I got a Theodora Palette of 24 euros, instead of 45)

Starting up with the boots, I'm looking for a really nice pair of brown boots from Timberland. Yes, it's an expensive brand, but my family offered me the opportunity of buying them together, which I'll accept. They have amazing quality and are appropriate to wear either with jeans or with shorts. I only want this brown shade, I personally don't really love the yellow ones.

Next, although not release in my country yet (I don't know why, I've see people from the UK and the Netherlands talking about this), I really wanted to test out Estée Lauder's Double Wear Maximum Cover. Yes, it's a full-coverage foundation, but there are days where I really want something that covers all my imperfections and I can always mix it a bit with a lighter foundation or with a  wet sponge (I want to try Real Technique's one! Way cheaper than the Beauty Blender).

I bet that you guys are Trying to figure from what brand is the Pink brush. It's from Argent Makeup, a Portuguese brand! They only have 3 brushes (2 for face 1 for the eyes) but every brush is designed with patience so that they are perfect. This brush in particular it's called Argent Makeup 102 and it's supposed to be a bronzer brush BUT most of these brushes are multi-proposed. I think that this brush would also be wonderful to apply Cream blushes (like the Bourjois ones that finally found their way to Portuguese stores), Setting powder and who knows, even foundation! I'll try to talk about their eye brush (202) as soon as possible. If I spiked you curiosity I'll leave you here their facebook page , specially because I know for a act that they are going to launch an international shop! (And by the way, if you are scared about the hot pink, they also have the Classic Collection in black)

From Benefit, I wanted to finally get one of their "all face" kits. I already own The Bronze of Champions (I'll do a review on it soon! ) but I want to get the three kits related to their blushes, tints and glosses. I wanted to get Sugarlicious first (it contains a mini sugarbomb blush, a mini brush, two mini/travel size bottles of Benetint and High Beam highlighter  and a deluxe sample of sugalicious gloss, all for the price of a regular blush) because last year, I got a coupon from Sephora for a Browbar session from Benefit (I'm not sure if this exists in another country's, but here some selected sephora stores have a Benefit counter where their workers are brow experts and basically, do professionally your brows - I'm waiting for this years coupon!) on my birthday and the lady applied Sugarbomb on my cheeks (they always do a quite simple makeup look after working your brows) and it's interesting, because I never- ever - tought that sugarbomb would look good on me. I was wrong after all. The other two kits are related to Coralista blush (The kit name is TropiCoral) and to Dandelion (Feeling'dandy). I think that they should create more kits related to their other blushes and glosses!  

Last but not least, I wanted to finally get a Nude'Tude from The Balm. I am a convicted Neutral lover and order. It's strange  because, I love bright lips and cheeks but for eyeshadows I tend to buy more neutrals. This is a nice - not that expensive in my opinion, since it's cheaper than Urban Decay's Naked (which I own and love) - neutral palette. I want to get it, specially because of their pink and burgundy eyshadows. Their golden eyeshadow is also something nice, very different from Half Baked from Urban Decay (Which is one of my favourite eyeshadows!) 

There are more things that I want. But these are the main ones. I also wanted to get a nice deep Green Jacket and a Blue Bag for school (I wanted something like this or this , I guess that I need to search sport stores or something). 
And there is always the issue of a vanity for my new room. I'm indecisive between two from Ikea (the Malm one and the Helmer one). Oh well, too much to think I guess. 

And you, what do you think about my choices? What would ou pick if your birthday would be soon?
Thank you for all the kindness and support! It really pushes me into writing more here. 

Please take care everyone!
Have a nice day!

With love,

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