A Journey with Love : Water wells in Soure


How are you? I'm right now melting because of the heat...We will be having a heat wave here in Portugal for the next week...thankfully I have my thermal water to save me!
So, I comeback from my trip on Friday morning, but I had to update my Portuguese blog first, and organize photos and edit them. 
I decided to separate them. I only took shoot at two occasions, both in different places. 
Today I'll be showing photos from the first day, when we visited a water mill. For those who aren't familiar to what it is, a water mill is a mill ( corn-cockle, which transforms corn into flour), that works because of force of the water. There are many types of water mills, depending on it's region and location (I believe my family owns at least one or two, I can try to look for them in October ) and this one is located next to a private "pool" (I need to show you you the pictures, so that you can understand). 

The lady you see in the picture is the owner of the water mill. She was so kind showing us the mill and turn him on. On the Second picture the water was passing to that box, which was making the well work. On the Third one, where she placed that barrier, it was when I mill stopped to work.
This water came from a Water Source near by, which has a fountain. 

And here is the mill inside. This is where the corn is ground and transformed into flour. That tiny wheel with the stick is what controls the quantity of corn that falls.
This is a very traditional system, and a lot of people still use this. Specially when they want to cook traditional bread, like corn bread and many others.
I really  enjoyed this visit.

Tomorrow I'll show you where I would spend more of my vacations when I was little.
I hope that you enjoyed this post.
Please take care,

With Love,

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