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Hello dears!
I said that I would be gone during the weekend, since I was going to visit my dear best friend Tercy. She is currently living in Caldas da Rainha because her college is there. Quite a nice village! We had a great time, from cooking, travelling - we went to Óbidos and to the beach as well - watching One Upon a Time in Wonderland (yes I'm a huge fan of the show! Alice, Cyrus and Knave are my favourite characters. And I hope that Alice gets to meet the Red Queen with her hood stick in her hands - if you know what I mean...).
Anyway, we also took the time to visit this beautiful park where we took amazing photos. I'll be sharing a few of my favourites today. The ones that you'll see were all taken by Tercy. She has a facebook page where she shows her amazing cosplay's. If you like Card Captor Sakura,Kobato and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles you will love her work for sure!


My look was quite simple. I didn't wear any makeup because we were just having fun and this photos where taken Sunday morning - I was leaving Sunday afternoon and I would probably fell asleep during the trip back home and I didn't wanted to do that with makeup on my face.
For clothing, my jacket is from Zara (I got it last year during Christmas) but you can get one that looks the same from Primark (and for half the price actually). My shirt is from Pull&Bear and I got it 2 or 3 years ago, but since tartan is quite fashionable this wear, you can easily get something like this anywhere. The trousers are from Bershka and they are pretty old and I don't know where you can get a similar pair. My bag is from Deeply and my boots are from Seaside, a Portuguese brand.

It was a really nice experience and I really want to repeat it again and again. Maybe spending more time than just a weekend, who knows?
Al last but not least, I want to leave you with my favourite photo.
Please take care everyone, have a nice day!


With Love,

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