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Yes, I did it again. I really wanted to get a more blue dual-chrome nail than a purple one, so I decided to switch for a more darker base. I know that I could probably just go to a shop and by a new nail polish, but with this, I get to experiment and use what I already have with me. Not only I am saving money, I'm also giving some use to things that I already have. And the fact that I might end up with something unique, is always a plus.



This time I started with BlueSky Blond from Urban Decay (part of a kit that I won from Irsada's Beauty-full Word early this year). It's already super pretty on it own - I have a soft spot for dark shimer nail polishes. But again, the effect of Angel Rain from ORLY on top was what made this even more amazing. The dual-chrome effect is perfect for the cold time.
The nail kit from Urban Decay is no longer available (at least at and at Urban, they only have their Naked kit. Angel Rain can be easily found online, since it's part of ORLY's fall collection.


And that's it for today. A bit short I know, but don't worry, there will be more posts this week here. I have worked on eyeshadow picks for the fall (kinda late, but still in time I think).
Please take care everyone, have a nice day!
With Love,

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