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Hello dears!

I'm back with a review for you guys, and this time is something that everyone should have on their makeup collections, specially because it's quite affordable.Yes, I'm talking about Sleek's Storm palette. 

Sleek palettes are super slim, classic and clean. They somehow remind me of NARS type of packaging, although they have their own thing. My palette is quite old, so the name is written on the pack of the palette and the shadows are textured - and not reformulated. It also has a really big and convenient mirror and a sponge applicator that I used..once? 
The shadows from this particular palette - for a non reformulated palette - are amazing. I own two other sleek palettes from their old formula - Au Naturell and Oh So Special - and I have huge problems with their matte shadows because of the lack of pigmentation and because they crumble a lot. I believe I had really bad luck and got two palettes from a bad stock, because I've seen review's with the new formula and they are a lot better than mine. Yes, someone needs to replace the palettes I guess. 
Back to the shadows from this palette, they are amazing. Really pigmented and super easy to blend. The colours are perfect - we have the nudes, the pinks, the colourful ones for crazy smokey eyes and the black for lining. For 10 euros you get something amazing without spending too much or killing your bank account. I've seen review's about how this is a really nice dupe for the Urban Decay's Naked palette (I can do a post about it later if you want) and believe me, if you can't afford the Naked palette, get this one instead of a knock off made in a dark hole with no conditions and full of forbidden chemicals. 
Now let's talk shadow by shadow. 

Let's all cheer up for the amazing editing skills that I have. Yes, I forgot to flip the swatches. So sorry for that!Anyway, the Golden colour is amazing. Reminds me of Half Baked from Urban Decay, but a bit more darker. 

The Cream colour is pretty, but needs to be worked a bit but if you just want a bit of highlight on your inner corner or at your brow bone, this baby is perfect.
The Brown colour is amazing, AMAZING for those lazy days where I just want to swipe something in to my lead and run to get the bus. 
The Navy Blue is perfect for any Smokey Eye or Makeup in general. 

The Light Brown (matte) is a transition essential. Reminds me of Bitten from MakeupGeek (I don't own it so I can't actually swatch and compare it...for now at least).It's also really good defining the crease for simple every-day looks. 
The Yellow Gold is nice for really classic and composed looks.Specially if you are going to attend any Christmas Party or New Year's Event. It's specially for any party actually.
The Strong Green and the Dark Blue are both perfect for really strong and dark - maybe smoked - looks. Although I'm imagining a Slytherin look and a Ravenclaw look based on each shadow.


The Light Pink is quite refreshing, and yet, perfect for any look you want to do. 
The Darker Pink - reminds me of Cranberry by MAC (I actually own it and I can do a comparative review later too - is perfect for pretty much...everything? From a every-day look,  a "let's just swipe a bit of colour and run out " to a "let's do a really dark smokey look with pink". 
The Dark Matte Brown is also another perfect shadow for transition of even every-day looks. 
The Black shadow is the only one that disappointed me, although I'm that worried, since I actually wear black eyeshadow for anything (now at least!)

Bottom line is, for 10 euros (or 8£ or 10$, depending from you are) you get a pretty nice selection of colours. I really recommend this palette to anyone.In Portugal we can get this at any Sephora and in the UK you an get this from stores like Boots or Superdrug.For International buyers I recomend checking Sleek's website

I hope that you guys enjoyed this review. Do you want to know more about Sleek's products? I also own (besides this palette and the other two) their Face Form and a Blush by 3 in Sugar. 
Please take care, have a nice day!

With Love,

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