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So, tomorrow I'll be visiting a local LUSH store (not so local actually!) because, among other things, a dear friend will celebrate her birthday next Sunday and I wanted to get something nice for her (she has been dealing with some skin problems). Oh, and I wanted to get nice things for me of course. I have to mention, that this is a very "all over the place wishlist". I won't be buying everything, I do have (sadly) a limited budget. So, unless I get a budget upgrate tomorrow, I'll be getting at least 3 of this things for me and one for my friend.

Herbalism, it's presented as a cleanser and exfoliating that purifies our skin. I've heard that it's amazing for those who have oily skin, because takes care of that, but doesn't over do it. Some times, cleansers can leave our skin way to dry, although, sometime it our fault because we forget that we should always moisturise our face after cleansing. Anyway, it looks like a really fun product to get and try out. And since my actual cleanser is giving his last breaths and I'll have a full bathroom to stock up my cleansing products (although I can't use too much space, I'll be sharing it with my brother after all).

I Love Juicy, is a clarifying shampoo target to those who, like me, have to deal with oily hair. It doesn't matter if it's summer, winter, if it's a sunny day or a rainy day - my hair will get oily. I really hate that. And I can't use the supermarket shampoo's for oily hair.  For some reason I'm allergic to them ...
I saw a review of Ingrid (or Missglamorazi on YouTube) saying that sometimes this can be way to clarifuing and that we can't use it all the time but, I'm planing on getting another shampoo to intercalate with this one.

The Round Container is something I need to get since, I'm planning on getting the Seanik Solid Shampoo. I've heard really good review's on this bad boy. I really can't wait to try him out. Specially, because he is amazing for when I decide to go on trips. I'll be sure to tell you what I think about him.

As a holiday special, I really want to get my hands on the Let the good times roll facial cleanser. At least here, it's a holiday item and I've heard that smells amazingly like...popcorn. No  need to go to a cinema I guess. It's a bit like a Herbalism, but without the exfolianting properties.

At last , but not least, the No Drought  is a dry shampoo to use on those days where we don't have enough time to wash and dry our hair or when we got camping. (not that I do it).  I want a dry shampoo to SOS situations, but sadly I can't get my hands on a Batiste can.

And it's it. I also want to visit The Body Shop because I got some eally amazing cupons. I want to get my hands on their new eye makeup remover and on their tea tree masks. (and their bronzer, lipsticks...who know what more).
My next post will be for sure another Eyeshadows for the fall post. I'm still working on another one and don't worry, I'll be talking about blushes and lipsticks.
And by the way, what have you tried from LUSH? What would you recommend?
Please take care everyone!Happy Thanks Giving to anyone who celebrates it. Have a nice day!*
With Love,

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