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Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay ; Happy go lovely Leelee kit from Benefit ; Indianwood Paint Pot from MAC ; Patisserie Lipstick from MAC ; Rebel Lipstick from MAC. 
I said on my last post that I would start to plan and post some wishlists. Some are personal, others have a bit of everything just to help someone out. I have to admit that the Beauty Wishlist is the one that reflects directly my preferences and wishes for this Christmas. I can always do another post with other recommendations that, even knowing that aren't for me, they might be good for any of you. 

Starting with the Naked 3 palette from the Urban Decay, this beauty is going to be mine. I knew that I would get a new neutral palette this Christmas. I was in doubt between one from Clarins and one from Bobbi Brown, but after hearing about this precious (and all the confusion that Sephora in France had) I finally knew what I should get. I didn't the Naked 2 (although today I regret a bit, because although I love the colours of my original Naked, I prefer the new packaging since the original one isn't exactly the best one). It's a very pink-related palette, which is totally my cup of tea. If had though about getting a new Oh So Special from Sleek (since mine has some pigmentation problems), I'll leave that idea. The palette also comes with one or two samples of their eye primers. I hope that they are better than the one I got from the original Naked - my leads are super oily, and that primer wouldn't help with two hours the shadows would literally melt from my eyes. I believe this palette is going to be released soon . they have everything to win if they do that after all. 

The Happy go lovely Leelee kit from Benefit is something that, for my understanding, is only available at , here in Portugal and I'm not if other European Sephoras have it as well. I saw it in stores and when I was researching for the price, I couldn't find it at their official website but I can find it in France...Maybe it's a specially kit for us, since we didn't have other special Christmas sets (like the sample one or the multi-lipgloss one). This kit has a full-size Leelee perfume - my favourite from Benefit - and three deluxe samples from the POREfessional (which I like to use when I just want to hide my pores and dust a bit of powder on my face, since I can't use this with liquid foundation), They're Real mascara (I still have a deluxe sample from the The Bronze of the Champions kit and I'm trying to get that sample a bit more dryer since the "liquid" texture isn't really good for my lashes) and "my place or yours Gina" - which is another sent I tried out and loved in store. This has the same price as the Naked 3 palette, a bit pricey but I hope that I might get a 20% discount that Sephora usually does during the Holiday time. 

Because I am a cream eyeshadow lover, I really want to get my hands on the Indianwood Paint Pot from MAC. It's a lovely brown colour. Perfect to be worn by itself (amazing for those days where I need to rush and leave the house as soon as possible) or to build up a really nice smokey eye. Paint Pots are my favourite cream eyeshadows - besides the Creaseless cream eyeshadow from Benefit - since they don't fade out and are super easy to use and blend. They are worth every penny, I mean, I'm still crying the money I gave for the ColorTatto from Maybeline, since they aren't that amazing...even my Catrice cream eyeshadows are better than that.

I'll blame Sleep and Water for this one. I saw her post about Patisserie Lipstick from MAC and I felt in love. It's a really amazing everyday lipstick. It's one of those lipsticks I'm sure that I'll have to repurchase a back in the future. I only own a nude lipstick, so I can get this one without any guilt feelings. 

At last, but not least , Rebel Lipstick from MAC is perfect for the Winter time. I don't own many dark lipsticks, specially like this one. I want to build a bit more my MAC lipstick collection and this one (along with Patisserie and other 3) are on my priority list. 

I hope that you guys enjoyed this post. I'll be working on more wishlist posts (and reviews). If you have any recommendations or suggestion , please comment or tweet me. I'll love to read it and comment/tweet back. 

Please take care, have a nice day!

With Love, 

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