Eyeshadows for the Fall/Autumn #3


This is the last post related with eyeshadows for the Fall/Autumn. I'll be working around my November Favourites and Blush & Lipstick picks. I also have some review's to do and I'll be moving soon, which means that I might not post for a while (but I'll try my best to do it). Since this is the last post, I'll be talking about more cooler shades. On my last two posts I talked about blues, warm browns, Cranberry from MAC and some redish and orangish colours from Inglot. I wanted to mention colours from a recent acquisition and colours from something that it's - at least for me - a cult product around the beauty community. 


I really had to mention the original Naked Palette from Urban Decay. I know that this palette has more warm tones compared to the Naked2 Palette, but considering what I already shown here, these are the most cooler shades.
Again, I started to swatch the lighter colours from the right to left, which means that they are totally misplaced compared to the position they have originally. I'll keep doing this over and over I guess. But, for review purposes, I'll mention the shades from left to right. I'll be mentioning their names, so it will be easier to follow.

Hustle is a really nice purpleish brown, I personally use it if I want a more definition on my crease, but I believe that this one is perfect for a more smoked look with other shades, like toasted.
Toasted is one my favourite eyeshadows from this palette. It's lighter than Hustle and has more purple. It's nice to wear all alone or blended with a more light shadow.
Dark Horse is a shadow that I use very carefully on my daily-basics, but really allows to do a lot of looks with it. It doesn't have a purple hint of purple like Hustle.
Smog is a really interesting brown, since it has a golden undertone. I love to wear it alone, with Dark Horse to give a bit of definition  or on my crease along with lighter shadows.
Sidecar  is such a gorgeous and lovely shade. I usually wouldn't care about it, because I would look to the pan form and think "uhh, not that pretty, so shimmery and dusty", it's not like that at all. It has a more pink and golden undertone. It's quite unique actually. 


Pretty Rebel from Too Faced was my little guilty pleasure (I got it for my birthday, so I'm forgiven!). I never thought that I would love a Too Faced palette so much - I'm looking forward to get the new Chocolate palette. Since I can't have the Lorac Pro, I get substitutes (until I can't get the actual palette *cof cof* ) - since it's more colourful that what I'm used to. Although I mentioned Cranberry as a Holiday shade, I'll probably play a bit more with other shades from this palette. Now, onto the fall / brown shades:

Gangsta is a really nice brown shade. It can be worn alone, on the crease with a lighter shade (like Ringleader for example). 
Girly is my favourite shade from this palette. The Dual-Chrome effect makes this so specially, it's not the plane and normal brown shade, is more than that - to me at least. 
Charming is a chocolate brown shade, amazing to define my crease - specially when I'm using Girly because since it's a matte shade, they won't be competing. 

So, it's everything for today. I'll be working on my upcoming posts. 
Please take care everyone! Have a nice day!

With Love,

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