Eyeshadows for the Fall/Autumn #2


I said on my first eyeshadows for the Fall/Autumn post that I would write 3 posts about eyeshadows for the Fall/Autumn time. This is the second post and yes, the third one is already planed.
For today, I tough we could focus on more cheaper and affordable items like Sleek's Storm Palette or the Inglot's Freedom System Eyeshadows.

From Sleek's Storm, I believe that the Golden eyeshadow is perfect to give a more glam and magic effect to any look. The Dark Plum reminds me of MAC's Cranberry and it amazing to wear along with the Redish Brown from the palette, creating an amazing Brown + Cranberry Smokey Eye. The Dark Navy Blue eyeshadow is perfect for those who love a bit more of colour or give a different effect to their Smokey eye.

From my (yet to finish) Inglot's Freedom System Palette, all my eyeshadows are quite good for this time of the year, specially paired with a really dark and rich brown. The light Pinkish Brown (Number 12) is really good to pair either with a Darker Brown or with a more light pink or brown, it's suitable for daily wear. Now, the Orange-tone Brown and the Brownish Red (Number 605 and 607) are more suitable for a very dramatic look. Either way, they really scream Fall and Autumn to me.

I'm thinking about updating this palette and buy more eyeshadows to fill her (their pigmentation is amazing and they are way more cheaper than MAC).
What your eyeshadow budget-friendly options for Fall?

Please take care everyone, have a nice day!

With Love,

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