December Favourites'13


Finally I'm able to write something. I was lucky enough to have time and good weather to photograph this. Starting with Balea's Hand Cream, I got this as a birthday gift from a German friend. I'm not a huge fan of hand cream, but this  is amazing. The scent is good and the texture is perfect - fluid and absorbs quickly. If there is something that I hate is "silicone" based creams that only mask hydration and don't absorbs at all. 
Next, my trusty Bioderma S├ębium H2O needed to me mentioned. Although I'm thinking about tying out other cleansing waters (like caudalie's or nuxe's for example), this is a really good one.My skin doesn't feel irritated, it cleans it very well. The only down side about this product is the fact it takes a lot to remove waterproof products. Besides that, it's a really lovely product. 
I mentioned a few weeks ago that I would buy a few things from LUSH. Besides this amazing scrub - Let the Good Times Roll - I also got a solid shampoo called Seanik (which isn't here because I was too lazy to get him...I'll be working on a review later). This scrub is made of popcorn and it's a delight to wear. But for those who have acne and more sensitive skin, I won't be recommending this, since it's quite harsh (which is why I won't be getting Ocean's Salt like I thought I was...if this is harsh, that one is even worse!)
Painterly from MAC is a true wonder. I can wear it alone or use it as a base to other eyeshadows. They usually don't crease when I use this (unless it's super hot or if the eyeshadows aren't that good). Best purchase from MAC!Although, I have to admit that the new Benefit  cream eyeshadows are a really good alternative and worth to check.
At last but not least, L-Mesitran Soft Wound Gel. At the beginning of the month I had a huge cold which for some reason ended up ruining my lips as well. The wounds would hurt and look really ugly...I end up visiting my local Pharmacy and asking for something to heal this...4 to 5 days after my lips were better, without pain or swelling!I' know that medicines aren't a proper thing to show, but I really had to share this. I almost couldn't eat because of the was horrible. 

So, that's it for today's post.  Take care everyone!
Have a nice day

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