November '13 Beauty Favourites


It's that time again? Gosh...I can't believe that November is out already. In two weeks Christmas will be here, along with the Winter break( only two weeks, but it's good anyway!)
And now, starting with the favourites :

Lierac Dioptigel was a life saviour. With the weather change and the cold time, my under eyes got super dry. Almost burn from the cold. This bad boy helped me moisturise and protect my eye area.
Alverde Lip balm was the saviour of my chapped lips. With the cold wear, my lips get super dry and start to peel a bit...Never mind, because this lip balm helped me with that problem!I really need to thank my dear friend Anne for this one. 
Gosh Pigment in Mink was a really amazing surprise. I got this from Alexandra, a dear friend from Diary 'f a newbie. I never thought I would love and use a pigment like I use this one. I might get more pigments because of you missy!

NARS Outlaw Blush, own from a giveaway held by LinasBeautyDiary was the blush of the month.It's that perfect pink that gives me a pop of colour and a healthy glow. 

Catrice Made to Stay Inside Eye Highlighter Pen is going to win the "what's the biggest cosmetic name" for sure. But, what I like about him is the brighting and wake effect this precious gives. If Catrice discontinues this, I'll be crying out loud for sure. I think I need to get a back-up of this..just in case. 
Essence MultiAction Mascara was a really fun surprise. I wasn't expecting to love this, since it's not waterproof, but the more dry formula and the fact that this doesn't smudge sold it out. I really need to thank Alexandra for this one. I'll be using it until my They're Real gets the more dryer texture that I love. Wet mascaras aren't my cup of tea. 

And that's it for my November favourites. Not my best post, I know...but I'll be working on better posts in the future. 
Take care everyone, have a nice day!

With Love,


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