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If there is a High Street/Drugstore brand that I really love is Sleek. Although I have a Love-Hate with their eyeshadows, I love their blushes (I'm planning on getting their new releases...specially the one with the cream blushes). I previously made a review on their Face Form and I'm thinking if I should or not talk about my other two eyeshadow palettes - mainly because mine are from a bad shipment and apparently the new one don't have the problems that mine have.
Anyway, this blush palette was a tricky one. When it was launch I was super afraid of this colours. Like...really afraid. But after getting Outlaw and Seduction from Nars, I saw how nice this palete was and I finally decided to get it. Best decision ever.


Starting with Demerara, this is a really nice dupe for Seduction from Nars (actually, many Sleek blushes are nice dupes for the Nars blushes! So don't get kinky replicas and counterfeited make up, get a dupe like this instead!). It's matte (which means that we can play a lot with highlighter afterwards) and looks really pretty on the cheeks. In my personal opinion, this is a all-year blush. Depending on you eyeshadow and lipstick colour, this will always look good.


Muscovado (which reminds me for a type of brown sugar called mascavado in Portuguese) is a golden shimmer version of Demerara. The base tone is the same, but this one contains gold reflects. I need to be really careful with this one since it super, super pigmented. Don't get too crazy with this one...unless you want to look like a golden berry clown.
Personally, this is more of a Fall/Winter blush. You can totally wear it during the Spring and Summer, but I think that it looks better during the cold time.


Lastly, but not least - Turbinado is my choice for the Summer. It's a Tangerine/Apricot colour. Really pretty but I need to be careful with this one - or I'll be looking like an orange Humpa-Lumpa!
This screams Summer to me. For the day time, I like to year this alone, but during the night time - I LOVE to year a bit of highlighter on top.

Overall, I really happy with the 3 blushes and I really want to get more of this palettes (specially the new ones!). You can find this at some Sephoras, Boots, Superdrug and of course - Sleek's official website .
I hope you enjoyed this review!
Take care, have a nice day.
With Love,

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