What I got for Christmas 2013


Before I start talking about some of the thing I already got from Christmas, I want to apologize for the strange background or photo quality. Like I said on my last post, I recently moved to my new room and I'm still adjusting. Plus, the weather had been horrible so, I had to use my lighting instead of the usual natural light(I'm quite lucky for getting white lightings instead of the traditional yellow).

Now, Christmas talk. Most of my "presents" were money. I still have some left to get some of the things from previous wihslists (like the precious blue bag and the Nude'tude palette). Also, my grandparents on my dad's side are probably going to give some extra money for clothes (I might be able to get the pretty green coat and the A-line Skirt ). Now, what I really got.
My Mother sent me a package with presents for me, my brother and my cousins. I got the Starbucks Mug and the two lip balms. Not really bad, since I use lip blams all the time and I really needed one of those mugs for when I'm working on the computer or studding. And this design was only available in the UK if I'm not mistaken. 
Right after Chritmas, promotions and sales started. I received an SMS from Sephora with a 25% at every two products. It was the perfect oportunity for me to get the Urban Decay Naked3 palette and a Benefit Cream Eyeshadow.I know, I said I would get a Paint Pot from MAC, but they never have sales of promotions and the ones from Benefit are not only cheaper, they quality is also pretty similar to MAC's. I got the shade Birthday Suit an I'm thinking about getting more shades in the future. Specially a full size of Bikini-Tiny.

And now, the fun part. The code was meant to be spend as many times I wanted until December 31, so the day after my first purchase there, I thought about going to another Sephora and buy a new Mascara and Concealer. Yes, I thought about it.As soon as I entered one of my local Sephora's, I saw their Sales display with two amazing deals : The Romantic Eyes Kit (with a full-size mascara, palette,eye primer and eyeliner) for 15 euros instead of the regular 35 and the Bunny Bronzer (with the old packaging) for 12 euros instead of the regular 27 euros. So, for the Regular price of the Bronzer, I got not one but 5 full-size products. They also had the Natural Eyes palette and the Sephora loves Too Faced palette but both ran way (I can't really complain about it, since I'll be getting Nude'tude soon and I'll start saving for the Chocolate Bar palette). In therms of Sales, I'll be searching for nail polishes (OPI for 7 euros instead of the usual 15, YSL for 10 euros instead of the usual 20). I've heard about Urban Decay Palettes (Feminine, Fun and the other one) but, the one I really wanted isn't available (the Glinda palette to be exact, altough I'm pretty sure that my local Sephora must have at least one still getting dust on top of that really pretty box, back at their storage)

In therms of Skin Care, many are getting Biotherm and other nice brands for 70% of their usual price (not really bad). What I really wanted was REN and I'm not sure about the El Corte Inglés sales (it's the only place where I can find the brand without ordering it online, although I've heard that it's more expensive there).Lush is having sales on their Holidays items and I believe Boticário and Kiko are working nicely on their sales as well. 

I'll stop the rambling for now.

Take care everyone, have a nice day!*
With Love,

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