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Having large pores is a horrible fate. Sadly, I have to deal with that, along with sensitive skin. Before anyone asks, yes I did try the Porefessional from Benefit. I don't really hate or love it...I just can't wear it with Liquid Foundation but, I've tried it with their Powder foundation and it looked nice...Maybe I'll purchase the full-size later to wear along with my future Pro-Finish Powder.
Now, back to the Primed & Poreless Pure from Too Faced, I got this specially because it's oil-free. For one, I don't want to clog my pores; second, I have oily-skin so I already have enough oil for me and for anybody else who wants it.
 I got this at one of the local Sephora's here with 20% off , which isn't bad considering the fact that the regular price is more or less 30 euros. (I believe it's more cheaper at Beauty Bay, not sure). It was a very spontaneous purchase (since it was it before the very existence of this blog) although, a very searched one - because I had research for reviews between this primer and others.

Now, what is this? According to Too Faced :

What It Is: 
Our colorless, oil-free formula mattifies surface oil and minimizes redness from irritated skin while it erases the appearance of pores, fine lines and other imperfections. As always with our primers, foundations and powders stay in place all day, colors stay true, and skin has a smooth and poreless finish.
More To Love:
  • Sensitive Formula: Pure is 100% oil-free and includes special soothing and mattifying ingredients so those with sensitive or oily skin get all the benefits of priming without the risk of congestion or irritation.
  • Mattifies Skin: EVERMAT technology provides balancing benefits by regulating surplus oil production to the skin’s surface, minimizing shine and helping to improve the skin’s overall texture.
  • Soothes & Brightens: An innovative ingredient SEPI-CALM soothes inflamed skin and gently works to brighten complexion while reducing future pigmentation concerns.
  • Poreless & Flawless: Our lightweight formula virtually erases pores and imperfections.

Now, I wouldn't say that this is a total miracle worker but...Yes, it is indeed a good primer, doesn't irritate my skin at all, doesn't clog my pores and makes my foundation look nice. My Skin's texture didn't change at all because of this, specially because if I don't have my skin prepared it won't do miracles. For instance, if you don't properly moisturise your face or Scrub it to remove dead sell, the primer won't be able to contain all the oil or if you don't clean your face properly, he won't be able to camouflage your pores. I'm thinking about getting the pressed power version to wear as a Setting Powder in the future (there is a loose version as well).


As you can see, it has a more gelly consistency with no colour whatsoever. Also, you are totally able to control the amount of product that you want.
Was it worth the investment? To me it was since I haven't found ant primer that does a better job compared to this one. For instances, with this one, a little goes long because of it's texture but I recently got one that although it's good, isn't that good compared to this one. 

I still want to test other primers like the regular version from Too Faced, the Make Up For Ever HD Primer, the Time Balm Primer from The Balm (I really want to invest more on their products this year) or the Becca Ever Matte Poreless Primer - but I'll always still get this one. 

I hope that you enjoyed this review. I'll be sure to show how this looks on my face later next week since I'm planing to start a "What's on my face" segment here.
Take care everyone! Have a nice day*

With Love, 

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