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I really to do this. There was no way I could just pass the opportunity of talking about the products I use and loved the most during 2013. Today's Edition is about Make Up, but I'll also do one about Skin Care and Hair Care (I know that I don't really about my hair, but maybe I should just start doing that this year?)

(It's so nice to have natural light. I'm going to take tones and tones of photos, so I can have work material for the winter and sunny-less days that are coming back)
It was quite hard to do this picks. I've found some really nice products during the last months of the year, but I decided to stick with the ones I knew the longest. Starting with something that has enough products for a complete look, The Bronze of Champions kit from Benefit was an amazing purchase.First, I would never find how amazing the Hoola Bronzer and the What's Up Highlighter are without this. When I looked to them on their full-size form I would think "I don't really need that" or "it's nothing special". I couldn't be more wrong. Hoola is really good for contouring or for warming up my cheeks.It doesn't melt with the warm temperature and doesn't look muddy or orange on my completion. What's Up is for sure the prettiest highlighter I ever saw. I have a soft spot for Golden Highlighters, but I always thought that I should wear powder ones instead of creamy ones. I won't stop  searching for nice powder version, but I really need to get the full-size of this ASAP. It's a really big shame what I initially thought about this. Another product that stand out from this kit was the Creassless Cream eyeshadow. I actually already bought a full-size version of this (but in another colour) because it's worth the money. It's creamy, easy to wear and blend and doesn't crease too much (or at least too fast). The only products that haven't gain my total confidence are the  Longwear Powder Shadow and the mini They're Real Mascara. The Longwear Powder Shadow isn't really 6 euros Inglot eyeshadows are way more pigmented than this.The colour is really pretty, but it's hard to use it (which is why I didn't got the world of neutrals palette and went straight ahead to a full-size cream eyeshadow). Now the mascara...I've tried a full-size version once and it was way better than this. I heard people complaining how the travel version isn't 100% equal to the full-size one...maybe get and try out and see how it works. 

The Painterly Paint Pot from MAC is the perfect base colour for me. It covers my discolouration and veins and helps with keep my eyehsadows in place. I actually thought about getting another one, but like I stated before, I ended up getting another from Benefit. This is a really nice investment. I got this a year ago on Christmas and I still have product for another...2, 3 years?  I don't regret getting this and it had to be included on my favourite products for 2013 for sure.

Nars Seduction Blush was a Giveaway prize  from  Lina's Beauty Diary (who sadly deleted her blog! I'll miss her lovely posts!). At first I was really afraid of this colour. I was usued to the really light colours, since I thought that I would look bad with something like this. How wrong I was..this actually looks really good on me. Among other things, I'm not afraid of this type of colours, the key is using less and build up - which can be hard, takin in consideration how pigmented this is. Also, this blush doesn't fade. I've worn it for 10 hours and it didn't move a bit...It's just perfect and I really want to get my hands on more of these precious treasures. 

This one isn't a big surprise. Although I'm currently playing around with the Naked 3 Palette, the original Naked Palette from Urban Decay is for sure the palette I wore the most during 2013.My favourite combination is Sin and Toasted, although Half Baked and Smog got a big of use as well. I might be interested in getting more neutral palettes, but this one will always have a soft spot in my heart. 


Last, but not least...
From my nail stach, I had to pick these two. Sally Hansen's (from their Salon collection) in 220 Café Au Lait is a really pretty nude that looks really amazing on my completion. For those times where I want something on my nails, but anything too extreme, it's perfect. Orly's Angel Rain is a true star. I really like to play around with this nail polish, specially pairing him with other colours as bases. He gives a really amazing dual-chrome effect.

In therms of eyeliner, there are two fellows who need to be mentioned.Catrice Made to Stay Inside Eye Highlighter pen in 010 In the Mood for Nude could win the prize for the biggest name, but also could win the "best water line pencil" award. Brightens my eyes, doesn't fade too much and it's super affordable and easy to find. And my Sephora Flashy Eye Liner (Waterproof version) in 16 Flashy Ultra Brown was my eyeliner of choice. I got this on sale two years ago (they did a repackage ans re-name the collection) and I think that this needs a bit of love. Their quality is amazing, I dare to say that they are a really good rival for the pencils from Urban Decay.

For brushes, there where two brands that made a stand out for me - Real Techniques and Argent Makeup. I decided to mention my favourite brushes from both brands. From Real Techniques, the Expert Face Brush is pure heaven. Not only blends my foundation perfectly, it's also really easy to clean - not like F82 for example. Argent Makeup 201 Brush is my favourite bleeding and crease brush. It has a perfect shape and the bristols are really soft. I can't wait to get more brushes from both this brands. 

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