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Before I start to talk about what I got during this last week, I wanted to share a list that I'll have on my blog from now on. Starting from today, I'll have a list of all the book I've read during the year of 2014.The ones with reviews will have a link attached to the respective post. I already reviewed one this month and I'll probably do another by the end of this month or the beginning of the next one. Books are a passion for me and personally I really want to share my thoughts, opinions and recommendations with you.

On, the haul. Starting off with the content of the Special Secret Bag (it's a monthly service, like Birchbox or the Ipsy bag, but sometimes they do specially editions where the content are just full-size products) where this time the brand choose was MeMeMe. I only owned a loose power from them - not that bad, but not that great either - but the content of this bag made me think about investing more on their products. I got a Blush! me Pink  blush box - the concept is similar to the blush boxes from Benefit, but they are more affordable ; a Beat the Blues in Pearl Pink - a liquid/cream pink highlighter, a really good dupe for the High Beam from Benefit ; A nude Nail Polish in 78  Ambitious - really amazing for when I want something  simple on my nails and lastly but not least a Lipstick in Elektra - a really pretty hot pink (or hot magenta as they describe) for the Spring and Summer time. I got all of this for a fraction of the price. I really need to invest more on their bags!

Next, because my current tube was dying , I got a backup for the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo - who know has a reformulated version. Sadly I got to know that after I bought this one. Maybe next time I'll be able to buy it and test it. Also, because my currently foaming cleanser was running out, I got the Avène Clerance Gel. It wasn't my first option, since what I real wanted was the Sebium gel from Bioderma but sadly, it was sold out. I'll be testing this one and only after that I'll then by the Bioderma one.

Lastly but not least, from the sales I got two OPI Nail Polishes - Planks a Lot (the lilac one) and I Eat Mainly Lobster (the coral one). They usually cost 15 euros a bottle...but I got them for less than 5 euros each. I'll be hunting more pretty colours like this during the rest of the sales time. OPI nail polishes are really expensive during the regular time. Seriously, they cost 8$ in the US and end up costing 10 or 15 euros here in Europe...it's insane! So yeah, I take advantage of the sales and promotions to buy them. I have to look for Essie as well. Besides the nail polishes, I also got one of the new Bourjois Color Boost in 05 Red Island. There is another colour (06 Plum Russian) that I want to get as well. Color Boost's are really amazing. Aside from the Nars Matte Velvet Lip Pencils, this are my favourite! If you can, please check them.

Besides this, I also got a skirt from Bershka during the sales. It's really good and I'll be sure to share my next look with her. I'm thinking about doing another trip to that Bershka to get another skirt and a new Shirt.

Anyway, that's it for today.
Take care Everyone! Have a nice day.
With Love,

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