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Yup, there's a month until my birthday - September 15. I'll be 21 this year and I seriously can see the adulthood striking. My taste is getting refined an choices are different. The present list is actually more than a birthday wishlist, it's all over the place wishlist. Besides this I'm also craving a nice vanity table - which I've already found and hopefully won't run out until I'm able to get with my own money (because, if everything goes as it should, I'll start with a nice part-time/sales job.It won't be easy but it will be a nice experience) - a bench for the vanity table, a mirror with jewellery storage, a new pair of boots, a new Winter coat and the Harry Potter Collection in UK English (yes, we had to have Harry Potter here. Yes I'm a nerd/geek/fangirl and I'm not ashamed.).

So, let's get back to the things that we can see in the picture (I've altered the step up in the blog so big photos can show better, do like it?).

The Draw the Line - Sephora Favourites set is something really handy to me since I decided that I really should try the "eyeliner thing". I've been doing it with a very random an not-that-amazing eyeliner but, I want something good for school and for the price (30$) this set sounds amazing. 
Next, the Tarte Makin'Waves Best Selling Summer essentials Set  is probably the item that I want the most. Not only for it's value but because if from a brand that it's really hard to get in Europe. So, when I heard that ships to the Netherlands I decided to ask a friend that lives there if she could get a few things for me and send them back to my place. This set was the first thing on my list since it has things like a full-size mascara or a full-size Exposed blush. This set will be a try-out for Tarte because, I might try to take advantage of their November Sales and get one of Holiday blush sets (which would be awesome!). 
And lastely but not least at all from my wishlist, the La Crème de La Crème Long Lasting Lip Collection from Too Faced is probably one of the best sets from them I ever saw. For 38$ I can get 2 full-sized lipsticks, a full-size lip pencil and a mini lip-primer. And since the La Crèmes are my favourite high end lipsticks - super comfortable on my lips and long lasting - this is a must-have kit for me. 

From kiko, their new Fall collection is probably the best they ever released. I'm not a huge fan of them, I usually skip their products - not because they are bad but because they never appealed me that much. But this collection caught my eye. After all, with a Some-kind-of "Queen of Hearts" theme, I would be interested for sure. The prices aren't bad, an they'll be in promotion during October or November and I'll probably take advantage of that time to get most of the items that I show here. 
The Queen of Hearts Palette* (or quad if you want to call it) has caugh my eye in 01 Essential Brown and 03 Elegant Ebony which are probably the ones I would wear the most. They are perfect for travelling or to have in my hand bag and the packaging is just adorable. 
The last thing I need in this life is another contour palette, but the Golden Game Sculpting Bronzer* in 01 Radiant Honey caught my Eye. 02 Precious Siena is also really pretty, specially because of the highlighter, but the first one will probably look better with my pale skin.
And Lastly but no least, the Top Pair Blush collection* - 01 Desert Sand and Rose Coral ; 02 Raspberry Rose and Peach ; 03 Rosewood and Azalea - are all amazing and I want to catch them all like Ash wants to catch Pokemons. Seriously, they look amazing and Blush is something that I've been using a lot and I won't mind the investment(specially with promotions to help). 

Note : The links to Kiko products are attached to their UK online store, but prices and be different from country to country. For instances they are way cheaper here in Euros than in Pounds but I choose the UK site so that people could at least see how the products are. 

So, here it's my Wishlist. Too much I know. 
I'll be working on getting more posts for you during the week. Specially because school will start and I don't know how much I'll be able to post. 

Take Care Everyone, have a nice day!

With Love, 


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