July Empties '14


Hi everyone! So my computer is finally back and fixed (oh yeah!). During the past week I've been using tones of pre-made posts and a very old computer that wouldn't allow me to edit simple shoots. But everything is fixed and I have a lot to share. On top of my list? Empties. Probably because I already have a good quantity to share and I really don't want to accumulate even more. And yes, I've been storing them on my MAC bag. I'll probably keep it in that way for now.
So prepare your self.
The Mascara department
I actually never finished these but I'll declare them as so. The Rimmel London Accelaretor mascara was used a hand-full of times but we didn't click. I got it because of the raves from Fleur...sadly this wouldn't do much to my lashes and was too liquid for my tast. And since we can't pass mascara to no one, I'll just say goodbye.
Now the Too Faced Lash-gasm has a totally different story. I had mentioned how I didn't liked it when I reviewed the romantic collection. After that this keept smelling funky and with a weird texture. So no, I won't dare to use this in my eyes ever again. I think I got bad luck with this mascara or something. Sadly, this made me scared of Too Faced mascaras in general.
The essencial but not-that-special department
I think I'll stop talking about these in future posts. But yes, I've finished to packs of my Nivea makeup remover wipes - which I use for swatches and clean my hands after applying foundation with my hands.And I've also finished two packs of my Demak-up Duo+ cotton...they are my favourite cotton pads. What else can I say?
Hair Care Department
From the SLS-free range from L'oreal I've killed the shampoo, hair mask and conditioner. The Shampoo is very gentle - cleans my hair but isn't harsh or over stripping to my scalp. I've repurchased another tube and althought I really want to try out other brands - like Aveeno and Bumble&Bumble - but this one is a favourite. I also got another tube of the conditioner and I'll probably apply to it what I intend to do with the shampoo. Now the mask, I'm currently trying other from their range which has a different smell and texture. This mask isn't bad - it's really dense which I like - but my current mask is more hydration than this one so I'm not sure If I'm going to get another box or not.
The Skin Care Department
Oh yeah, there'se a lot. Starting with those that got repurchased , I finished a tube of the La Roche-Posay Hydreane Ligere moisturiser and the Effaclar Duo - I got the new version . The only thing I have to mention is the fact that duo to packaging problems the last bits of product got wasted in the cap. ridiculous...I guess it's because the product it's so liquidly (the new version isn't).
The Nuxe produgience Nuit Night cream was a pain to finish...for some reason I just couldn't smell it and even my skin wasn't liking it...I've switch for a more simple and rich moisturiser for the night and my skin appreciated it. I won't be getting this again.
The Body Shop's Camomile Cleansing butter was a lovely treat. I'm currently using the oil but I'll probably get this bad boy again because it's really lovely to use and travel with. It cleanses my face, doesn't break me out or irritates it. Just lovely.

The Sample Department
Inspired by the Sample Killah that some lovely Canadian Beauty Bloggers did during the month I decided to finally kill a few samples. Although there are two products that really don't count as samples - the T-zone Pore strip which I had wondering around the samples. I hate it, there's anything else I can say. It leaves tones of glue on my nose and doesn't clean. Won't be getting this again. The other Non-sample is the The Body Shop Seaweed Clay Mask which you can purchase instead of the big pot. I got this because of a promotion ( buy 3 get 30% off) when I got the Aloe Toner and the Camomile Cleansing Oil . It's a nice mask that I like to use once in a while.
Now, actual samples...I used a Avon Cellu-Sculpt thing and I really didn't see any different (maybe because I don't really have any cellulite? ) and the smell was weird. The L'oreal Revitalift Lase x3 has too much silicone. I don't mind silicones in primers but I hate them in moisturisers...
The Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser was given by Shayne during our SWAP. I wanted to like it but..it actually broke me out. I'm not sure if it was a specific ingredient or the fact that my skin isn't used to SLS any more (it didn't foam that much actually.)The Mini.They're Real is also gone - I didn't like it but for some reason the baby version have a different texture when compared to the full-size ones. And Lastly but not least the TonyMoly Tomatox Mask - AMAZING. I really want to get the full-size version because of this one. It's like my Cleanance mask from Avène but more gentle.

Okay, enough with my trash. I'll be working on my favourites post and other posts for August.
Take Care everyone! Have a nice day!
With Love, 

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