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Argent Makeup Brushes
Born from the Love and determination of a young woman named Tania, argent Makeup is the first Portuguese Makeup Brush brand. It all started with one brush model and now, they have been releasing a new brush each year. They also launch their new international shop which ships to other places besides Portugal (which was already happening, since they were being shipped already to Brazil and to Angola)
The currently has 3 brushes and is on the verge of launching their fourth. All of them are made with synthetic brushes and can be used with powder and cream products. Also, you can always choose between the Classic version with the black handle and the Girly version with the pink handle - which is the one I'll be showing today. 


Argent Makeup 101 
This was the first to be launch - during the over hype around flat top kabukis and super denser foundation brushes. Tania thought wisely when she projected this brush - she wanted something that would be dense but flexible at the same time because she new that too dense brushes could be hard to work with. And I have to say that she did an amazing job, since it's easy to buff in the foundation with this brush  when compared to my F82 for example and it's also easier to clean because of the flexibility. 
The handle is big enough and easy to work with and the darker bristles in the end can help with keeping the brush more clean and presentable than the regular white ones - and yes, you can still see if your brush is clean or not. 
This brush is also really good for applying blush and blending it, specially those really pigmented blushes like NARS - I once over-applied Seduction and this was the brush that saved me from looking like clown. This one costs around 14,99 € which is a really reasonable price. For example, a F80 can cost from 18 to 20 euros in European Official retailers. 


Argent Makeup 202* 
Next, it was time for multi-task eye brush. This one was designed for those ladies with really small eyelid space that still wanted to do precise and amazing looks without rubbing and over smudging - which can happen with really big and over fluffy blending blushes. I actually have enough eyelid space but still, I really like it for my everyday looks because I know that nothing goes wrong with him. It's also amazing to apply a wash of colour or to apply concealer under the eye. And for those who like it, it's also really amazing to contour the nose area. 
But personally, I also like to apply sometimes highlighter with this bad boy on the hallows of my cheeks. I really should get a backup for this one.  This one retails for 7,99 , a true bargain to be sincere. Oh yeah, I totally need a backup of this one.


Argent Makeup 102 
Launched last year, it was build and designed to apply bronzer and contour - something that the Argent Makeup 101 couldn't do. Because of the shape, I also really like to apply blush and setting powder with him and I believe that it's amazing to apply a foundation like Big Easy. Depending of how you place the brush, you can also apply highlighter with him. Yes, it's a multi-task brush. This one retails for 13,49€ which to me isn't a bad price either. It's a very fair one. Oh and until Sunday - August 10th, PT-time - with the code 120D you can get 10% from this brush because recently it was launched a new and improved version.

Also regarding the prices, all the price mentioned here have the Portuguese VAT added. Orders from Outside the EU won't be held account to so the prices might be a little different for those. Also, the company isn't responsible for custom charges in those countries. (You can read this information in their website or even just ask other question on their facebook)

Just like I mention regarding the Argent 101, they are easy to clean and they day really fast. I really believe that they are worth their price since they are high-quality and you can use them for different actions. You can get them from their Official Website. Both Girly and Classic version are equal, the only change is the handle colour. 
Where to get this? You can either check Argent Makeup's Official website or Argent Makeup's Official Facebook Page.

I hope that you liked the review, which one caught you eye? 
Take care, have a nice day!

With Love,

*Product received from brand as a prize of a wallpaper contest. 

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