July Beauty Products '14


July was a interesting month. My computer was off during one or two weeks and I couldn't edit pictures - yes, most of the posts were already made before but it was hard to get new ones. Also, most of my time was was spent trying to do looks for upcoming posts and I'll be working on more during August. I've also using and rediscovering products in my collection- which is why I only have a few favourites.
Also, the month was spent watching Sailor Moon Crystal - AWESOME! with the exception of the last episode were some perspectives were really strange - and Orphan Black - amazing! Seriously brilliant! If you are looking for a nice  mystery & sci-fi series watch this one! They have 20 episodes, 10 for each season.
And now, into the Beauty favourites...

Sleek Storm Palette
I tend to forget about this palette. But I really shouldn't. From the three that I have this is the best in terms of shade selection and texture. I've been working on a Drugstore Holy Grail kinda post so, you'll be seeing me mention this palette again. I'll try to not forget about her so soon. 

Sleek Face Form in light
Another product that I tend to forget but I shouldn't. The quality of sleek of blushes is amazing - they may not stay in my face as much as NARS blushes, but they are really pigmented. A easy hand is a requirement for these and also, they last a lot! There was a time were the only bronzer I had was the one from this kit and I haven't hit pan on it - you can see the hole, but there're still a long way to the pan. 

Bourjois CC Cream in 31 Ivory
Although I haven't been near any beach, I got little more tanned - like a shade or so. I'm still pale, don't get my wrong, but I can't wear the Big Easy from Benefit now because of that. But, now the Bourjois CC cream is a perfect match - weird right?
The only down side is the fact that I need to powder because the shine will come at full power in my T-Zone. Still, it's a monthly Favourite.

VMV Hypoallergenics Ooh-la-lash Mascara
The best mascara I ever tried. There I said it. There's nothing I can do to thank Shayne for this. I'm very picky with mascaras because I have straight lashes and I hate really liquid formulas that take too much time to dry, smudge and are heavy on my lashes. This Mascara is perfect - doesn't take too much to dry, isn't heavy at all and doesn't smudge or makes me look like a panda. Oh yeah, I love this! I guess Benefit has competition now. 

And this is it. I'll try to work on more posts during this week, specially on a Back to School series. Anyone interested in particular posts? Maybe makeup for school? Essential things that should be in you beauty bag? I would to know your ideas.

Take care, have a nice day!
With Love,

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