Current Favourite Nude Matte Lipsticks


There's no such thing as too many nude lipsticks. 

Or at least what I tell myself every time I decide to purchase another one. Or two. Or three.
Nude Lipsticks are pretty much a staple in my collection. I found myself gravitating towards the same shade range. Yet there are a few that have been to stand out from my collection. Although people are going back to bullet lipsticks - I am part of that motion as well - I still rely on liquid lipsticks whenever I want a more long lasting lip look. 
Currently I noticed I was wearing 4 shades in rotation - with a few exception as mentioned in my recent favourites post. By the end of the year this might change a little, mostly because I am thinking about purchasing more lipsticks. ( yes, I am crazy but we can overlook that a bit, can we?) I still want to purchase Trendsetter from HUDA Beauty and Lolitta II from Kat von D, plus one or two kits from Makeup Revolution. And have I mentioned that I am crushing on Colourpop liquid lipsticks? (okay I'll stop!!)

From this bunch the first colour I got was the Sephora Lip Stain in 23, which I got last year around my best-friends birthday. I was going to get her this shade as a birthday present and I ended up getting it for myself as well (plus another two shades that fell into my basket). It has a gorgeous muted brown shade and it has one of my favourite formulas! It is creamy, easy to apply and once dry it won't move unless you eat something really greasy.  I am contemplating getting shades 40 and 41 soon! (and a lovely green shade that has been catching my eye forever!!)
The next one I got was the NYX Lingerie in French Maid upon NYX's launch in Lisbon. (they now have a store with their complete range of products!)It's really funny because a friend of mine was admiring this shade when I decided to purchase it myself. I really like the hint of purple that this shade in particular has. The formula however is more "pasty" when compared to the rest of the lipsticks I picked. Some people like that, others won't. It also doesn't last as long as the other lipsticks.
On the other hand, I never expected to fall in love with HUDA Beauty's Bombshell like I did. I almost picked Venus instead of this shade, but for some reason I ended up choosing this. I love to pair it with my Primark Lip Liner in Toffee. So much that I feel the need of stopping myself from using it. As mentioned before, I am thinking about getting another shade since they are so easy to wear and long lasting.
Lastly but not least, I have to share my to Kat von D's Lolita! I almost got it alongside it's sister Lolita II (the lighting in the store made them look more similar than what they are in real life) I finally understand why people rave about this shade. It goes with every look and the formula is quite easy (at least for me) to wear.

I don't find any of these lipsticks difficult to wear or to drying. I am always sure to proper remove them with my cleansing balm/oil and to moisturise my lips with a good lip balm.I still wand to do an honourable mention to NYX lip Lingerie in Seduction, NYX Soft Matte in Stockholm and Quem disse Berenice in Carameli, since both shades also gorgeous and easy to wear, even if I did not mention them. I am thinking about doing a similar post with my favourite Red Matte Lipsticks. What do think? And maybe another one dedicated to my Purple-toned lipsticks as well! 

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