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I am a believer that we should take care of ourselves. Yet, I am guilty of not doing that as often as I should - long work schedules, too much work at the University, too tired, and so on. And yet, one of my main goals for 2018 is to love myself more. not only accepting myself as I am, but also making sure that I am nurturing myself and giving an occasional treat. 
With that in my mind, I decided to finally give in and get myself new face masks. It's my favourite way of taking care of my skin and turning everything off : social media, work, life problem... for half an hour all I do is to rest and let these beauties do their work. I use both of them to target different aspects of my skin. One helps to clean my pores while giving me a revamp - almost spa worthy - while the other one gives a needed moisture boost. 

TonyMoly Tomatox Wash-Off Pack
I had this mask on my wishlist for years. Not even joking! Until one day I finally decided to stop giving myself excuses and just purchase it. This is better than what I imagined. First, this comes with a spatula to remove products without contaminating it (a major plus, specially for those who suffer from severe breakouts. Second, a little goes a long way. Once spread, it doesn't sting or drys out uncomfortably - like some clay masks can do. 
After rinsing off, my looks brighter and healthier. Its like taking a whole week of stress out of my face! I am considering repurchasing it alongside a few other Korean mask additions to my collection. If you are looking for something to try out from Korean Beauty department, don't think too much! Go for these! 

SkinFood Freshmade Watermelon Mask
After using any clay-based or clearing mask, I love to use a more hydrating mask. Not only because my skin is naturally dehydrated, but also because I find that I my skin enjoys these shots of hydration after any "detox" (I am using this term very loosely!) I went for this Skin Food mask because I never tried anything from the brand and it looked really similar to my beloved Vitamin E Mask from The Body Shop. The gel-texture of this mask is beautiful. It sinks in really easily and doesn't take forever to do so (I usually let this sink for 20 to 30 min). It has been saving my skin during this really cold winter. 
I'll for sure repurchase it, although I am really curious to try the Cranberry version of this range (It looks like jam!!) 

Besides these two, I also really love to listen to chillstep playlists on YouTube. My favourites are usually from Pulse8

Thank you very much for reading! Take care and have a nice day! 

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