The Body Shop Vitamin E Toner


When something simple is able to make a difference.
We often think about skin products as something that contains miracle ingredients that change our skin from night to day. Although that is true in certain cases, there are times were the simplest thing can make a huge difference over the course of time. That is the case of the toner I'll be talking today. It isn't something super strong or with acids and other particular ingredients, and yet is able to help my skin when it is needed. 

A few years ago, for some reason I cannot remember today, I decided to tweet Caroline Hirons asking her thoughts on the toner I was using at the time (It was The Body Shop's Tea Tree Toner). She easily replied with a "no", which made me want to toss that straight away. But she did something else. Caroline ended up recommending two toners from the brand. One of them was this lovely The Body Shop Vitamin E Toner, which is my go-to toner in the mornings. 
I love how moisturising and simple this toner is. It is fuzz-free and helps my skin to be prepared to what comes ahead : moisturising and then make up. I only like to use acids in the evening. This tones does not have any alcohol or harsh ingredient. Although it has a more creamier texture than what we would expect and with a light scent. (although not strong perfume)

The packaging was revamped recently, although maintaining the really light shade of pink. It's really sturdy and easy to poor into a cotton pad. A 250 ml will take a while to be used up. I believe this is a very good choice for those who are looking for something that won't irritate their skin or want something to prep their skin for make up. This lovely guy has also been helping my skin safe from the harsh Winter. 

I am already dreaming with the warmth of Spring. Not only because I am tired of wearing to many layers of clothes.

And you? Thinking about Spring? 

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