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Finally I got the time to talk about this products. So, during this year's sale, I got the chance of buying a kit from too faced called "Belle de jour". Although the kit isn't available any more, all of this products are part of Too Faced's permanent line. I'll be sincere, some products are a hit, others where a bit of a miss - to me at least. 

Romantic Eye Palette

Probably the big hit from this kit. I have to admit that I never paid too much attention to this type of palette from Too Faced. I always thought that for the quantity of eyeshadows and packaging they were a bid expensive - they usually cost around 35 euros here. Although the packaging is made of card board, the quality is better than what I initially thought.It's quite hard and nice to travel with. Some people might not like it because it doesn't have a mirror. To me it doesn't make too much of a difference. 
Colour scheme wise the colour is beautiful. The purples on the midle line are really amazing. 

The only down side of this is the pigmentation on the first line. Although, Too Faced had a reformulation last year - the eyeshadows from Pretty Rebel Palette are more pigmented and easier to work with than this ones. Also, a nice primer helps a lot. None of the present swatches had a primer envolved, but you'll be able to see the difference that Soul matte with and without primer later in this post. 

I probably wouldn't got this palette if it wasn't for the sales, but I'm currently looking forward to get the new Naked Eye Palette (weren't you suppose to only get another two palettes Diana? Yes you were...but that doesn't mean that you'll follow it right?).


Lash Injection Mascara

I'm not really impressed with this mascara. The formula is quite liquid for my taste. The brush doesn't do anything special - like separate the eye lashes maybe? I have really straight big lashes so I always look for mascaras that give volume, separate my lashes and hold on the curl...this doesn't nothing. The formula is so "heavy" that my lashes end up looking droopy. It also leave really big lumps on my lashes that are quite hard to remove - thanks to my cleansing balm from The Body Shop I'm able to remove all of them. 
The verdict? I won't be repurchasing this mascara.  I want to try out the Queen Size Mascara and the Better than sex Mascara from Too Faced, but this one is a big no-no for me. I might also try out Lashgasm  (I'll admit that I won't be getting any of this soon because I really want to try out Etude House and Holika Holika's mascaras, which are quite cheaper than Too Faced mascaras)

Perfect Eyes Eyeliner

I actually thought that this was a black eyeliner until I tried to use it on my eyes. I got the shade Perfect Navy -which is a really sexy and powerful deep blue. The eyeliner is quite creamy - sometimes too creamy - and it super waterproof. I'm thinking about getting a Dark Brown from them (my beloved from Sephora is sad!) but I might test out it's performance in Store. If you are looking for a nice eyeliner for a Smokey eye, don't think twice, this is a perfect item for that. 


Shadow Insurance Eye Primer

This was another miss from this kit. It does a beautiful job with helping out the eyeshadows in therms of pigmentation but sadly, because of my really oily leads - after two hours everything is melted. But don't worry, the same happens with the Primer Potion from Urban Decay.I've been wearing Painterly with him to help a bit (like making my make last more 1 hour or 2 without melting out). I want to use at least half of the product before buying a new primer (probably from The Balm, and I'm looking after one from Innisfree as well. I also would love to try out one from NARS, but I'll leave that purchase for my birthday or Christmas)

Anyway, I hope that you guys likes this post.
Take care everyone, have a nice day!*
With Love,

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