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Here is something that I wanted for ages. Let me tell you straight away - benefit should so more kits like this one. Maybe one that would include Sunbeam and Lolitint along with Ballabamba or other blush? This kinda of kits are amazing for us to try out their products and see if they worth a full-size investment.
This kit inclues 4 travel size products : 

  • Benetint, their rose toned lip and check tint;
  • HighBeam, a rose pearl liquid (almost gelly) highlighter;
  • Sugarbomb, a peach tones satin blush;
  • Sugarbom, the dark pink lipgloss; 

The kit also includes a small blush/contour brush which is good for travelling. It's soft and easy to clean. 
The Sugarbomb blush itself is just gorgeous. It prettier when swatched and on the checks than what's presented on the pan. Actually, I used to not like and be scared of this blush since, it looked too orange. But, on a Browbar season, the Bene'gal used this on my checks and I feel in Love. On my birthday I was sure that I would get this. If this little pan ever finishes, I'll be sure to get a full-size one, because looks really pretty on my checks and it's amazing for everyday wear. 

Benetint disappointed me a little bit. I thought it would be more pigmented on the lips. I thought that I would be able to use this to perform an  bitten lip look but apparently I'm not. Although, this looks really pretty on the checks. Like, really pretty. Overall, I would get this as a Liquid blush instead of getting as a lip tint. I just hope that Posietint and Cha-chatint perform better on the lips. 

Highbeam was a lovely surprise. I never felt the need or big love around this one. But after making some swatches and wearing it I totally understand why people love this. After getting the other kits I probably won't need to get a full-size, but if so, I would for sure get one. I can't wait to try out Sunbeam. 

Sugarbom the gloss, was another lovely surprise. I'm not a huge lipgloss fan but the formula of this one is just lovely. I would consider getting a full-size without question since this just looks good on my lips, isn't uncomfortable, it's not sticky at all and stays quite nicely. And it's easy to carry around. 

Overall, I think that this kit is worth the price. This year I'll be hunting Fellin'dandy and Tropicoral as my birthday (or Christmas) presents. I'm still thinking if I should or not invest on their eyeshadow palettes, since I would get them just because of the cream eyeshadows. 

Please take care everyone! Have a nice day.

With Love,

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