Brand Love #1 : Bourjois


And so here it is. Just like I had hinted on my last post, I'll be starting a series called "Brand Love" where I'll talk and recommend  products from a certain brand. Because of Shayne's question for Bourjois recommendations, I thought "why not start a series surrounding this?" I might also late do another post around bourjois, but with other products. 

On, let's talk/write about the ones I choose for today!

And by the way! Before I continue with this post, I wanted to ask you guys some help. So, I really want to buy more Korean products during this year and found out two really nice shops (before you ask, no I'm not affiliated with the store and haven't applied, specially when I never bought anything from there could I apply in that case?) and one of them called Kollectionk has this really nice reward system where we get points for visiting the store, liking, sharing on Twitter...and we also get points for referencing and those points can be transformed in Coupons...Since this store has things that the one doesn't (like the full Princess Antoinette collection from Etude House and the Cotton Queen Collection from Holika Holika) but doesn't have free shipping like the other one ( which is Jolse by the way) so I wanted to take advantage of the cuppon for that. So, could you guys please click on the link that I shared on this Tweet ?It would help me a lot! Thank you very much in advance! <3

Now, back to bourjois products: 

The Happy Light Base Serum Primer (dear companies, can't you stop giving names like this?) is a really nice drugstore/ High Street primer to those who don't want to spend too much on a primer. It isn't a silicone-based one like many primers, its more creamy and super easy to blend and light on the face. It's not the best primer in the world but it's a really good one. The down side? The size. It's only 15ml and considering it's price here (around 15 to 17 euros. although I have to worn you that many things here are way expensive than their original price) it's better to spend a bit more and buy a high end primer. Although, you can probably find this with a much cheaper and friendly price at asos and other stores (I'm not sure if boot.internacional has it or not) .

The Rice Java Powder is a repackage&relaunch item in commemoration to Bourjois 150 years. I've seen people saying that this is a dupe to the ambient lighting powders but I won't agree since the Java Powder was launch first. Either way, the packaging is adorable and easy to use. I usually hate loose powder because they can be quite messy but because of the protection that this one had, I have had problems. T he pearly - pinkish colour is just adorable. Some people like to wear this all over the face but, because I have really oily T-Zone, I usually just dust this all over my check to add a nice and healthy glow. 

The Cream Blushes (I own number 3 and I really want to get more) were a hit last year.They took a while to be released in my country but it was worth it. They have a cream-to-powder finish and are super easy to blend.They also come with a really lovely mirror. I just wish that they had upgraded their colour selection. It would be really nice if they added a nice cherry red or a burgundy colour. 

From Left to Right : 05 Red Island; 02 Fuchsia Libre ;01 Red Sunrise

Lastly but not least - the Color Boost lip crayons. Just like any other brand, Bourjois decided to launch their chubby stick version. Theirs is really glossy and easy to apply. It's also really moisturising. They say that it lasts for 10 hours but I won't agree on that. They fade like...two hours after applied? To me it's not a big deal since this is meant to be a moisturising balm and not a full lipstick.
 From the 6 colour range I own 3. Opposite to the blushes, they actually updated their colours recently by adding 05 Red Island and 06 Plum Russia, which are more Winter colours. 

I hope that you liked this post, if you have any brand in my mind please tell me to I can start making a selection or something. 
Take care everyone, have a nice day!

With Love,

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