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Urban Decay Naked3 Palette
Yes, I'm finally talking about this precious.
I have to admit that when I heard about this palette I thought "another one? the colours look so similar" - but after watching high quality pictures of this palette and comparisons I totally change my mind. The rose tons totally compliment the already brown-neutral that my original Naked has.
After setting my mind on this palette, the main problem was actually getting it. People were reserving it like no other. Sephora wasn't sure if they could have palettes for everyone and, because a family member - my father's wife - had a health problem around Christmas time, you guys can imagine that I wasn't on the mood to there and reserve/buy it.
Long story short, I was able to get the palette two days after Christmas - it was the last one on that store. Plus, I was able to score a 25% off because of a promotion.

Now, the palette itself. The packaging is amazing. Way better than the one from the original Naked palette. The brushes aren't anything special - my really cheap Zoeva brushes are better than these. I don't get why Urban Decay doesn't invest on better brushes...Either that or not offering any brushes - why not their eye pencils?  The eyeshadows are really good, with the exception of one of the them. But I'll talk about every single one of them.

Strange is a matte rose-tones white eyeshadow. It's amazing for highlighting the brow bone. It's not the most pigmented shadow, but serves it's purpose. It's less yellow than Broken from the Theodora Palette and believe that it's lighter than W.O.S from the Naked Basics Palette.
Dust...oh how dusty. The shadow is a nightmare. The fallout of this is horrible. I've seen people comparing this with sidecar from the original Naked but in my opinion, they have nothing to  with each other. Sidecar doesn't have the fallout that this one has. The only way to work this is either with panting on the lead or using with a weat brush. I'm not sure why they didn't took care of this one. Seriously Urban Decay , you guys can do better. The pink shade from the Storm palette is less dusty than this one (Review here)
Burnout is a lovely satin shade. Amazing as a base colour. I don't have anything special to point about this one. I also don't have any other shade to compare.
Limit looks more light on the palette than what she is in reality. It's a really lovely pinky matte. I usually just use this shade to highlight my brow are or to do some transitions. But I think that it's also lovely to use as a base colour.
Buzz reminds me of a shade from the Storm palette from Sleek, although it's more darker.I love to use this shade as a base colour or just alone. It just looks pretty. There isn't more that I can say about her. 
Trick is a lovely rosy-golden eyeshadow. I love to have golds and this ones doesn't disappoint me. It can be worn alone or with a darker colour without problems.

Nooner just like Limit, looks lighter in the pan. It's my favourite transition colour. Blends nicely and doesn't crack or anything. I dare to say that this is my favourite matte eyeshadow. 
Liar is a really lovely brown that along with Factory, I love to wear alone on my lids. The beauty of this shades is that I can wear them alone and look amazing without taking too much effort or looking crazy. 
Mugshot is a shimmery brown that, contrary to Dusty, doesn't has too much fall out. Darkside is a satin purpleish brown that feels like butter. Blackheart is just gorgeous. I don't usually pay attention to the darkest shades from the palettes, but this one is just amazing. As long as I have decent control, I'm able to define my crease with this without problems.

Long story short : this palette is amazing and worth the price.For those who can't afford the original palette, my advise is to be calm and wait patiently. Don't get fooled by the ugly counterfeited palettes that are being sold around the internet - MUA (Make Up Academy, a British Brand) usually makes really amazing dupes for the Naked palettes. They currently have the  Undress Me Palette and the Undress Me Two Palette. Yes, the packaging isn't that pretty and doesn't have the Urban Decay logo, but it's a much safer option. 
This palette also came with 4 samples of their eye primers. I haven't tried them but, the last time I tried their Primer Potion (from my original Naked Palette) I wan't really that impressed. I have really oily lids, so I need something that can work with them. 
Update : Apparently, there is a new brand called "Makeup Revolution" that launch pretty nice dupes for the naked palettes. Also, new photos were uploaded to this post.
I hope that you guys loved this review. Feel free to ask me anyhting.
Take care, have a nice day!*

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