La Roche Posay Hydreane Legere | Review


The perfect moisturiser.

There is a really funny story about how I got this moisturiser. I was suppose to get my brother's moisturiser (he has really dry skin...the flaky type!) but got this one by mistake. He later got himself his, but for some reason I decided to try this one...I'm glad I did it!
I have  dehydrated skin and I can't wear moisturisers with any trace of oil...otherwise I might breakout and look like a shiny disco ball.

Hrydreane Legere (there is a Riche version for those with dry skin) is amazing for the day time. My skin absorbs this really quickly and I only need a little bit.My skin looks plumper and take more time to produce oil - sometimes, just doesn't produce oil at all! And because this is design for sensitive skin, it helps me with some inflammations I might have because of acne and redness around my nose. 

I don't have any particular down side to claim since this does what it's suppose to do. It's not the cheapest moisturiser, but it's not that expensive either. And it's quite easy for me to get it - I can find it at any pharmacy or department store with a "parapharmacy"

Anyway, this is my recommendation for a moisturiser. I won't be switching him - although I would like to test one from clinique and one from bioderma - since I don't have any bad reason to it. 
I hope you liked this review and don't worry ladies with dry skin - I have a review coming for you. 
Take care everyone! Have a nice day!*

With Love,

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