The Ugly Side of Make Up...


...the side of the counterfeited make up.

I've been thinking a lot if I should or not write this post. It's a really hard topic for some people. Specially when I'm point out why they should get that garbage that they call "nice and safe replica".

So yes, I'm against replicas/counterfeited make up. I'm sorry but I can't support something like that, by any means. The excuse of "people with less someone have the right of having nice products" can't be used with counterfeited make up. I get that not everyone can afford a Naked Palette, but why get a fake one when you can get a dupe from MUA?

Wait, what's a dupe an why isn't a problem get it ?
Dupes are products that are similar to others. Usually they cheaper alternatives to high end products. They aren't copies or try to pretend that they are something else. Usually we - bloggers - are the ones who make the comparisons and say "Undress me is a dupe to the Naked palette" or "Demerara from Sleek is a dupe to Nars Seduction". Also, the formulas are never the same, you can see some differences in therms of texture and colours a bit on or a bit off. They are safer because they are tested in competent laboratories and they are legal. If for instants you have a problem, you can actually complain to the brand or to your health department what happened. With a fake item? You can't complain to anyone.

You know, I'm sick and tired of watching bloggers and youtubers talking about fake products and "how they look like the original" sorry, but they don't. Their performance isn't the same and the ingredients aren't the same. Oh and I also love the excuse of "I just talked about it because they offered me the products and the partnership". Oh, so if they offered you an atomic al bomb, you would talk about it? How nice. I get the "don't judge your similar", "don't judge people like that", but with this is kinda hard. Shouldn't bloggers manage their partnership better? It's not the first time that I ignore/delete bad partnership proposals. So yeah, Counterfeited partnerships are one of those. 

So yes, I don't support counterfeited Make up, cosmetic products, clothes, accessories and pretty much everything that's counterfeited. I'm sorry but I can't support it.

Specially because,the money and time that people spend buying that garbage, they could have spent on researching nice alternatives. Some times they are even cheaper than the "so look-a-like replica". Why buying a fake Chanel dress when Zara and H&M make pretty similar dupes? Oh I forgot, you wouldn't have the pretty and shiny fake logo and packaging to show. Because to me, it's what people many times go after. I've actually seen some bloggers trying to pass out fake Naked Palettes as real ones claiming "how they bought them on Sephora" no. With a bit of research you'll see that the palette shown would never be sold in Sephora, Urban Decay or any other official store.

Oh, did I also mention that in many countries Counterfeited make up isn't legal and buying it and selling it is a crime? Sadly my Country isn't really into the Counterfeited make up industry - they usually target clothes, Cd's and Dvd's - but who knows, they might start to look at it.
So yes, I don't like replicas and I don't like or follow blogs that talk about it. Sorry but I can't and I won't do it. I'm one of those persons that prefers to not have it to have one that might place my health in danger.

Really guys, I wish I could have a 9 drawer Alex full with make up. I can't. What I do instead is besides saving money and getting the most expensive products during the most festive times - like my Birthday and Christmas - I also look after promotions and budget friendly options (Like Etude House Lipsticks vs MAC lipsticks) or how I bought my Naked 3 palette and my Cream Eyeshadow from Benefit with 25% off. I can't have it all and it's okay.
I wish I could have a closet filled with Louboutin shoes and Chanel Bags. But I can't. But who know? Maybe one day I'll have a job that will allow me that so for now, I'm pretty happy with my Seaside Shoes and my Accesorize and Parfois Bags.

So, if you feel offended with my post, I'm sorry. If you don't want to follow me anymore, feel free to. Don't take this post as a personal atack. It may look like one but, this is me expression how I feel about this topic.
Just don't ask me to pat to back and say "oh yes, that fake Naked palette is a really good deal". Just don't.

Also, I wish that Cosmetic brands would work better around this issue. Shutting down stores and suing who runs those stores. Or making sure that even if people buy the products, they are never able to receive them. It's time to stop this non-sense.
Take care everyone.


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