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The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil
As a new converter to the the cleansing oil thing, I had to try out this cleansing oil. 
The first times I use this I felt a small difference - I was used to the melting feel of the cleansing butter and this one has a more silky feel and it's more lightweight but, this sets more on your face than the cleansing butter so my advise is : work fast and don't let the oil set on your face. 
It's not as moisturising as the cleansing butter as well - but it's not over stripping either - but I've noticed that this one removes the impurities from my pores more easily and my complexion is getting brighter and brighter. 
The packaging is something that makes me a bit...insecure. Sometimes the product doesn't came as it should. Also,I'm quite scared because later on, I might have some problems with taking out the last bits of products because of the pump system. Maybe something like their toner packaging would be a lot nicer. 
As for the ingredients, it doesn't contain any mineral oil or liquid paraffin but, it contains a small trace of citric acid so, if you use this to cleanse your face in the morning, be sure to use a good sunscreen during the day time because your skin might get a bit sensitive to the sun exposure.  
But something that I really like is the indulgence of massaging the product on your face - it's just so good and relaxing. I really can't understand people that sleep without taking their make up off (it's really horrible for your skin by the way...). I can actually feel the oil melting the impurities and the traces of make up.Oh and the hot cloth on my face is another piece of heave (remember to switch them daily). 
Overall, I really like this cleansing oil and I really think that it's a good investment, specially because this also removes waterproof make up from your eyes without problems. 

I hope that you liked this review. 
Take care everyone, have a nice day!

With Love,

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