On my Face , Spring Edition


Today's Look
First, I'll again apologize for the bad lighting. I'm still working on getting proper lighting and setting for my photos. I also want to apologize on my really weird expressions...yes I really need to work on that as well.
For weird reason I decided that I should share what I used today on my face...let's enjoy that.
So, besides the fact that I cleansed, moisturised and used eye cream , I applied my Primed and Poreless Primer from Too Faced which is my favourite primer. I really should use him more but I'm always afraid of over using him because I really like him and I don't have any backup with me at the time (crazy I know). After that I applied my Shadow Insurance Primer from Too Faced on my eyelid and under eye are mostly because I really need to use up this product - It doesn't do too much to my oily lids but I can't just buy another bottle of primer, other wise I'll forget about this one and it will be a bigger waste. now, finally into concealer (yes I concealed first because of the "cream-to-powder" texture of big easy) I decided to use Healthy Mix Concealer from Bourjois under my eyes and the Cream Camouflage Concealer from Catrice on my spots and marks. Now it was finally the time to apply my Big Easy BB Cream from Benefit, specially on the centre of my face.
For my eyes, I had to fill my eyebrows with my Eyebrow Stylist and my Eyebrow Filler (both from catrice) because it doesn't matter if I'm rocking the perfect eye look - without the eyebrows nice and filled, it won't look the same.After that it was time to do my favourite combo of the moment with a twist : I applied Painterly Paint Pot from M.A.C. all over my lid to camouflage the discolouration, following it with my beloved Creaseless Cream Shadow in Birthday Suit from Benefit. Now because I wanted a pop of colour, I decided to apply a tiny bit of my Cranberry Eyeshadow from M.A.C. on my crease and Flashy Liner waterproof in 13 Flashy Violet from Sephora on the under part of my eyes (I'm terrible with describing that area, I know). Finally it was time to brighten my eyes with the Longlasting Eye Pencil Waterproof in 100 Pearly Bird from Catrice, curl my lashes with by Lash Curler from Better and apply my Mini-They're Real Mascara from Benefit.
To complete the look, I decided that it was time to set everything with my Mattifying Powder Waterproof from Catrice, swipe a bit of Seduction Powder Blush by Nars on my check bones and of course apply a bit of colour on my lips with Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Never Say Never from Nars.

I hope you liked this, I promise I'll be working on getting better shots!
take care everyone, have a nice day!
With Love, 

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