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I'm really sorry for the lack of posts. I was meant to be posting on Monday but because of a personal issue (nothing big or bad, just too many things at the same time) I didn't had the heart to write a thing. Now, with everything more or less worked out, I can finally get back with my posts (I have so many new ideas and reviews to share! ).

May Favourites 
May was an interesting month.Not as good as April, but there was a few progresses and I have more projects that I want to keep up (like my room for example). I finally have my working desk on my new room but I'm still really unsure about the make up display. Also, I'm desperate for more shelving near the desk and a new mirror. This month I won't display any skin care items because I'm still testing with the new additions and getting to know if I really love them that much or not...but on the other hand, I'm deeply in love with what I have here.

Catrice Waterproof Powder
This really amazing powder was featured in my latest post and it's so good. I never encountered such perfection in a powder form - my skin looks matte but not too matte, velvety and pretty. And as a bonus, controls my oiliness quite well. I was on the run for a good powder but...I'll be putting that off for a while. I just hope that Catrice doesn't discontinue this...It would be a tragedy. 

Catrice Camouflage Cream concealer
I had a rough start with this would be hard to use and looked super cakey. But one day I remembered a tip that a favourite blogger used to do with her Kryolan concealer - to spray a bit of fix+ to make the product for soft. I don't have fix+ so I decided to use my Avène thermal water made a huge difference! Now the concealer is super creamy and soft and so easy to work. So if you got this and find it super hard to work, try this. (For those who have Boi-ing, maybe this tip can help a bit? I couldn't do it to mine since it was expired...)

Catrice Eye Pencil Waterproof in 100 Pearly Bird
An amazing substitute to my beloved Inside eye highlighter pen (which is still out of stock...). It stays for hours, doesn't irritate my eyes and the pearly finish actually gives a really nice effect. Even if I get a backup for my other eye liner, I might still keep another of this around because it's really good as well. And cheaper.

Rimmel London Stay blushed in 001 Pop of Pink
This.Is.So.Good. It's really easy to blend, looks natural and stays nicely in my skin. My expectations for this were really low but I was so wrong...Now I want to get the other colour and review them for you as soon as possible. A must try!

Nars Blush in Seduction
Yes I know, doesn't look like a spring colour but I love it! Specially on pale just makes me less flat and white. Also, it stays on my face for ages, which is amazing for someone who doesn't carry blush on her bag for touch ups. (Too much unnecessary weight for me...also, I'm always afraid of breaking things).

Thank you for all of your love and support!
Take care.

With Love,

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