L'Oréal Ever Sleek Sulphate Free Shampoo


L'Oréal Ever Sleek Sulphate Free Shampoo
With giving up on Foaming cleansers, it was only matter of time until I would also gave up on Foaming Shampoos as well. I always struggled with super oily ruts and itchy + flaky scalp and there wasn't anything that would help me. I used to say "oh my hair and my scalp get used to shampoo too quickly..." after all I was being too harsh and over striping my hair!
After realising that removing sulphates from my skin care products changed every thing to better, I thought about doing the same to my hair products. The problem? 98% of the shampoo brands at the drustore use sulphates and foaming agents. But than...this line from L'Oreál got launch.
I had heard wonders about it from Essie Button a while back but I thought that it wouldn't be released here...but when I finally found it I though "well...why not?"
The texture is very creamy and nice to work, it's doesn't lather too much - which is normal since there isn't any SLS but...it does a few so I'm not sure if it is 100% sulphate free as they claim. But still, it isn't too harsh to my scalp, I don't get flakes like I used to and my hair doesn't get super oily as he used to!
Sometimes I don't even need to use conditioner or mask to de-tangle my ends.
Overall, although I want to try other shampoos - like The Body shop's - I'll probably keep buying this as my "drugstore shampoo". It's affordable and easy to get.

Do you guys have any recommendations on sulphate-free shampoos?
Take care, have a nice day!

With Love,

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