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Orly Pink Waterfall
Bubblegum pinks have a soft spot in my heart ever since I started to use nail polish. With Spring and Summer coming and the gorgeous sunnier days I finally decided to give this bad boy a bit of love. 
Last year, during a beauty convention in Lisbon I was able to get a few Orly nail polishes with discount. Pink Waterfall was one of them. Part of their Fall collection, her immediately had to come to my basket. There wasn't a major discuss about it. Now I'm finally able to talk about him. 
The colour is really nice - it's that pink with a blueish undertone that always reminds me of bubblegums. The texture and finish are glossy and the brush is nice, it isn't my favourite one (I prefer really big ones that allow me to paint the whole nail with just one swipe) but it's still nice. It doesn't take too much to dry but I'm still thinking about getting one of those fancy air can nail polish driers that Lilly Pebles once mentioned in her blog (although Orly apparently has a really nice top coat/drops for that as well). Also, it doesn't chip like crazy and doesn't damage my nails. 
Overall, I'm really happy with this colour and with Orly nail polishes in general. I'm thinking about getting more colours if that convention gets to happen again (although I'm extremely curious about Sephora X nail polishes that just got released in my country!) since the price it's similar to OPI (but with the plus that Orly nail polishes usually contain 18ml versus OPI's 15 ml)

I hope that you guys enjoyed this post. Have you tried any Orly nail polish?
Take care, have a nice day.

With Love,

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