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Beware that I'm going to show loads and loads of trash. I've been collecting these for a long time and I finally got the time and shame to do this. Also, my skin care habits have changed a lot, so don't get scared if some of my old favourites won't get the same love that they used to.  
Oh, and these photos have a different background because I finally got my desk/vanity. I'll probably keep using my white board for some posts and as soon as I get like I want ( = getting a 2 drawer set from Muji, a mirror and some shelving) I'll be more than happy to share how things are. Have a seat and let's start.

Skin Care
Starting with Skin Care, I finished a bottle of the Tea Tree Face Wash from TheBodyShop a few month ago and, although I used to love this and consider it a staple I don't really feel the same way since I'm more into cleansing oils, balms and hot cloth cleansers. I won't bee getting it again. Another "long-finished emptie was the Tea Tree Oil that I used to dry my acne spots...I won't be getting it because I've got another way to get rid of them and the same applies to the Tea Tree Toner - I'm on board with the exfoliating toners although I'll probably get wither the Vit E or the Aloe Vera toner as hydrating and calming steps.
jumping now to Lush, my Bubblegum Lip Scrub is now completely dry and can't be used any more - I'll probably get it again during the next month or so...once I get my self psychologically prepared to get into that store, since I have to walk a hole hill to get there. Lush seriously, get a new store in a decent mall with underground access okay? Also from Lush, I finished my Let the good times Roll Cleanser/scrub which I'm not sure if I'll get or not. It doesn't contain any SLS but it doesn't remove make up at all.
From Sephora, their 2 in 1 eye makeup remover gel is completely out and I won't be getting it again since cleansing oils and balms can remove eye make up without problems and effectively.
Something that I'll keep getting for sure is my Effaclar Duo from La Roche Posay since it's amazing with taking care of spots and de-clogging pores and the same applies to my Bioderma Sébium H2O, which I love as a pre-cleanse or just to take my eye make up off when I arrive at home.
The only product that I don't know if I'll be getting again or not is my Lierac DioptiGel since I really want to try other eye creams and gels. But I really want to say that, it's a nice product and I don't have anything bad to point about it. 


For these, I only have two here but I've finished multiple over the months. I'm talking about the Nivea Make Up Remover Wipes - which I mainly use for swatches and to clean my hands when I'm doing my make up - and my Demarkup Duo+ cotton Pads - which are my favourites! A bit expensive, but totally worth it.

Hair Care
I've been a bad girl...I actually finished a couple of shampoo and conditioner bottles that got ditched before I could write this post. Shame on me.
The Pantene Nature Fusion Conditioner was  nice but it didn't wow me so, I probably won't be buying him any time soon. The same can be applied to the TRESemmé Ends Repair Hair Mask , which didn't repair or took care of my ends at all.
now, something that I want to get is the Happy Happy Joy Joy from Lush because it's super moisturising and helps a lot with de-tanggling my hair. 


Make Up
Starting with products that I really can't use because they are either dry or in bad conditions, two of my beloved Catrice Cream eyeshadows are dry (something that will probably happen with my other two) and can't be used at all...I'm really sad since I really like their formula and I can't repurchase them because they got discontinued! My Boi-ing concealer from Benefit is also in a bad shape - I couldn't use him during the cold time and recently I found out this strange yellow residue around the pan and the smell is really strange. I can't risk using this on my face and getting an allergic reaction. Also, I won't be getting it now since I really want to get one from MAC and two from Make Up For Ever.
From Essence, my Multi-Action Mascara is dry and very well used. It's a nice drugstore mascara but it didn't wow me that much for making me want to repurchase right away. 
My Catrice Highlighter Inside Eye Pen had an accident and it's broken...I wanted to get a new one but it was sold out but I'll be sure to snap another one as soon as possible because this is really good!
Lastly but not least, my Colorstay foundation from Revlon has also ended. It's a nice drugstore foundation (quite pricey here) but, because I really want to try out other foundations and tinted moisturisers, I won't be thinking about getting it any time soon.

Thank you for readin this! I promisse that I'll get better photos for my next post.
Take care everyone, have a nice day!
With Love,

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