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Catrice Made to Stay Waterproof Powder

I'll blame this one mostly on Ana Rita from Let's Talk About Beauty since she raved this a lot ( and she had real reason for doing it). 
To me, Powder is an important step - weather for setting foundation/bb cream/cc cream/ whatever-cream ; set concealer under my eyes and spots and of course, helping me with controlling the oil on my T-Zone (specially in the Summer time).
So, on a trip to my local Drugstore I decided to get this one and tried it. I'm currently hitting pan on my Rimmel London Powder - which I really don't like and probably won't repurchase (hint : packaging issues and powdery + cakey finish) so I wanted to try something else. The Catrice Powder is translucent while Rimmel's gives a hint of colour but it doesn't leave a white cast on your face. Although You should be careful because it contains silica, which is an ingredient that it's known to give a flashback effect on flash photography (remember Angelina's face? )
Besides that, the powder is really fine and gives a gorgeous look to your skin - makes it look like velvet and helps with minimizing pores. Alto, controls the oil on my T-zone pretty nicely. And the packaging is brilliant - sleek, with a big mirror and easy to carry. Also, it's quite resistant (quite opposite to Rimmel's).I can stay 6 hours without blotting my face, which is really good.
The "waterproof" claim is something that I didn't try because usually I really don't wear make up when I'm on the beach or pool side, but I've seen some tests and it looked nice.
If I used to be on a hunt for the perfect powder for my T-zone, after trying this one, the search stopped for a little. Yes, I really want to try out a nice high end powder (Like Urban Decay's de-slick or Too Faced's Primed and Poreless powder), but I'm not really worried since I got this.
For a Powder that costs around 4,50€, I'm really happy and I hope that Catrice doesn't discontinues him. (seriously, please don't do it!)

Take care, have a nice day!

With Love, 

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