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Yes, I'm still figuring out how to deal with light...because I have less natural light (and because it was raining all day long...Winter is coming earlier or something? ) I had to use artificial lighting and editing skills. Personally...I like it. could be better, but I try to work it in the future. I really wanted to know your opinion...
So, because of the huge collection of empties, I had to get backups / new replacements (and I got a few new items along the way...)
Starting with Garnier, I got their new Skin Naturals Micelar Water mostly because the pharmacy/drugstore I went didn't had Bioderma and I had heard good things about this one. So far I like it - it cleans well, leaves a moisture feeling...but has a funny smell. (I'll be sure to do a proper review during the next week). Also from Garnier, I got the Skin Naturals 2 in 1 Make Up Remover mostly for those days were I get home earlier and I want to remove my make up a few hours before doing a proper cleanser. From La Roche-Posay I got the Hydreane Legere which is my holly grail moisturiser and the new Hydreane Extra Riche which was meant to be my future night moisturiser. I'll have to pass him on that and get the Hydreane Riche and I'll explain why I won't be using the Extra Riche as my night cream in triple review and comparison.
From Bourjois, I saw that the local supermarket had received a stock of their CC Cream collection and had the lightest shade so grabbed their CC Cream it along with their CC Eye Cream in their lightest shade as well.(Review will be posted during the next week as well). And because I really needed something that would make my nail polish dry faster, I decided to get a bottle of their Instant Dry nail drops. I haven't tested it yet because I was on a "no nail polish week".
Lastly but not least, The Body Shop has a 3 items - 30% off promotion and since I needed a new toner and new cleanser I decided to take the opportunity. I got their Aloe Toner since it's recommended by Caroline Hyrons - it purifies the skin, doesn't contain any alcohol and prepares my skin for my night creams. Because I needed a third item but didn't wanted to spend too much money on it, I choose their Seaweed Clay Mask (unitary version)because cleanses and purifies my skin, leaving a spa feel. I really wanted to get the full-size but it's quite expensive...who know If I don't snatch it on another 50% item sale. And finally, the amazing Camomile Cleansing Oil - a very luxurious cleanser that removes every trace of make up and dirt while not over striping my face.

So, what do you think about these photos?
Oh and don't get scared, but I'll be doing a complementary haul later since I need to get Hydreane Riche and a backup of my beloved Effaclar Duo. Oh...and apparently Essie is now available at major supermarkets here as well (I won't go crazy, but I really wanted a nice pink and a nice nude shade...and a cuticle oil)
I promise that I'll try to keep the blog updated. Take care, have a nice day!

With Love, 

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