The Not-so-easy-to-get wishlist



Also known as "the products that don't exist in Europe" or "the products that don't get shipped that easily".
Although we can't really complain with the abundance of make up brands and products, there are always one or two items and brands that aren't that easily to get in these shores. So here are some of the items that I would love to add into my collection.
Thanks you Vanessa from Citron and guavaberry I've been really obsessed with blushes and wanting to get more blushes in my collection and also, I've realised that it's one of those items that really brightens up my complexion. So there's no surprise in having 3 blushes from Kat Von D (I'll blame Essie Button for this latest obsession! ) in Love song - a really pretty cool, subtly purpleish pink blush with bits of shimmer; Heartagram - a gorgeous deep rose shade that will be wonderful to pair with my Seduction from NARS ; and Por Vida - a really bright pink which looks amazing for when I want to have my blush matching my happy mood.  Also from Kat Von D, I'm really crying over their True Romance palette in Saint - because neutral palettes are something that I love and collect. That's it, I admit it.
Keeping with the neutral palette theme, this is an old wanted product - the LORAC unzipped palette. The shade selection is just...GORGEOUS. Like seriously, it's amazing and just beautiful. I think that this one would be more loved than the LORAC pro (although it would get love as well). It's 10$ cheaper than the Naked Palettes and sadly more hard to get since Lorac isn't available at sephora and they don't ship their products internationally (meaning other continents besides North America).
Lastly but not least - Tarte blushes! I'll be sincere, I would love to try other products from them like their foundation, eye primer and concealer but, If I had the chance of getting just these babies - I would be more than happy. Here I have the 4 that I want the most : Natural Beauty is a really nice strawberry red shade - and unusual choice for me but I know that it's something that would look amazing on a red lip loo; Amused is a bright pink - perfect for everyday wear, specially on sunnier days ; Tipsy is a standard coral - there isn't too much explanation for this since, I really like this type of shades, specially for the summer time ; and Achiote a gorgeous apricot pink that screams happiness to my heart.

So, here they are. These are the items that I'll be asking to any friend that happens to travel to the USA. And you, do you have any item on your wishlist that you can't easily get where you live?
I promise that I'll try to post a bit more during this week!
Take care.
With Love, 

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