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Before I start this review, I want to apologize. It's been a while since my last post - more than a week if i'm not mistaken. Besides the fact that I went on a small weekend vacation with my family, I've also experiencing some anxiety and small issues that have taken my focus and will power. As weird as it sounds, praying has helped and I believe that things are getting back at their right track. So I'm sorry for the lack of posts but, I really couldn't sit a write down a post or taking proper photos. Now I see the light at the end of tunnel and hopefully things are getting back to normal. 

Now, to the Color Boosts!These guys were released last year during the "let's all release some-kind of a chubby stick" thing that brands had - from Catrice to Etude House, everyone had their own version of chubbys. What made me interested in these was the nice effect and hopefully how easy I could get them. In general. I really like this type of lip product because it's really easy to carry and apply. 
I own 3 of the 6 colours that were released. Here you can see the two red and the vibrant pink colour but they also have an orange, a neutral pink and a purple-ish burgundy. The packaging is a really resistant and actually pretty plastic that makes really easy to know which colour you are getting and the twist-system really good - I hate to sharpen lip products. 
The formula is also really good - moisturising and really comfortable on the lips. It doesn't dry my lips and the glossy finish isn't too tacky or too shiny - there isn't shimmer which is good. Also, it stains your lips pretty nicely so even if the first layer of product leaves your lips during eating and drinking, you'll still have a bit of colour. 
The first colour we see in the swatches is 02 Fuchsia Libre, which is a really bright and happy pink. It's part for the first batch of colours so it was created for the pretty Spring days or for the fun Summer moments. Although in my opinion, it would also be nice for the Winter time if you want something to fight the dark days and moods. It has a more cool side so, some people need to be careful with this one.
Next we have 05 Red Island which is part of their second and more winter-ish batch. It's a pretty carmine red that complements my yellow toned skin pretty well but, people with more rosy toned skin need to be careful.But don't be sad, 01 Red Sunshine is a more vibrant and orange red (not too orange, which is good for me) that will make wonders. Although it was created for the summer, this is a colour that I believe looks nice all year around and at any occasion. 

The price for this Color Boost can differ a bit from place to place. You can easily find them at Boots or at if you are ordering internationally. some countries also carry Bourjois locally at selected counters and drugstore shelves. 
Would I buy them again or more? Yes for sure. Although I'm curious about the Revlon Matte Kissable Stains- a future adventure maybe? 
I hope that you guys enjoyed today's review. I'll be working on editing more photos and texts for future posts.
Take care everyone, have a nice day!

With Love,

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