The Summer Coral Lips


Why Coral? Why for Summer?

Mostly because it brightens my complexion and looks nice with the more "golden" that I'm able to get during the summer time. Although I might use them also during the Fall and Winter time - pinky and coral lips are something that I really enjoy during this season. So today I'll finally talk about my two favourite lipsticks - one of them had made a success when it showed on a March Favourites (if I'm not mistaken). 

Too Faced la crème Lipstick in  Juicy Melons
I got this boy last year as part of a giveaway prize. Actually, it was because of this product that my love for too faced started. It's a gorgeous coral with a soft hint of orange lipstick that looks amazing on my lips. 
It comes in a very unusual sleek container that makes envy to lipstick containers from brands like Yves Saint Laurent. The details with the name of the brand give an extra something. 
In terms of product texture it's really creamy. So creamy that actually part of the lipstick for stuck to the top cap - be aware of that. Luckily it wasn't too much, just a small part but the damage could be bigger. It's super pigmented and so comfortable on my lips. Like, really comfortable. It lasts a good 4 or 5 hours (If I'm not eating or drinking) without getting dry or flaky. 
I dare to say that this formula actually can compete with MAC's formula and YSL's without any problem. My next purchase will be for sure Spice Spice sugar (an old favourite of Jenn from the Fromheadtotoe).

MAC Creemesheen Lipstick in Sunny Seoul 
My very first item from MAC. I remember when I saw it online along side with three other lipsticks (all with names of Asian Cities) I really like it for the shade, effect and name - because Sunny is my favourite member from Girl's Generation and Seoul is the Capitol of South Korean, a country that I would love to visit (Actually, I would love to do an Asian Tour and travel around the continent).
It's a creemesheen lipstick so it's meant to be more glossy and sheer. I really like it for the Summer because it's not too "in your face". Yes, it's a hint of colour, but nothing strong like a burgundy for example (which is something that I really like for the winter time). My only concern is the fact that I need to have my lips in a good shape to wear this, other wise it will highlight the dryness and flaky parts. And how my lips get when it fades - you'll have bits of colours at the fine lines of your lips. So be careful.
But I would still get it. Because I like the effect on my lips and I only use it when I know that I can re-apply it without problems.

So, which one is your favourite?
I hope that you liked this post.Take care, have a nice day!

With Love,

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