Essentials for Summer - the Make Up Edition


The Make up Essentials for Summer

During the Summer time I have to admit that I tend to cut the use of make up - I hate the sensation of having too much on my face or having products literally melting off . Seriously, I really don't like to wear make up when it's 35ยบ Celsius or even more outside. I tend to moisturise and spritz tones of thermal water - and SPF if I leave the house, which I do really rarely because I hate too much heat (as much as I hate too much cold). But I still like to wear make up on special occasions or when the wear is nicier. Here are my pick for that occasion and also, I got inspired to do this post after reading Jenn's version on her blog , so maybe you could check it out later?

Starting with complexion, my choices go to the Benefit Big Easy and Bourjois CC Cream - both leave a very natural look and are really light weight on my face. And  both contain SPF, which is a huge plus for the summer time. For powder, obviously my choice is going for my holy grail Catrice Made to Stay Waterproof Powder because it's really amazing. It leaves my skin with a velvety look and leaves t shine-free for a long time. 
For the Bronzee-Godess feel Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer is called to the scene because it's really pretty and easy to blend. Also, it's matte so it's amazing for contour. And for a pop of colour, there's nothing like Rimmel London Stay Blushed Cream Blush in 01 Pop of Pink - it's so easy to blend and gives a very natural flushed tone to my cheeks. And lastly, but not least I like to add a bit of highlighter to my cheeks using Benefit What's Up (mini version, but I might repurchase the full-version later because it's really pretty!), giving a gorgeous golden glow. 

For eyes, I like to keep them as simple as possible. Sometimes I skip mascara because it get uncomfortable to wear it with the high temperatures. But, I still like a bit of eyeshadow, specially cream ones. So my choice go for the Benefit Creaseless shadows in Birthday Suit and Bikini-tiny (tiny version as well). To have a more awaken look, I also like to pop a bit of Catrice Made to Stay Waterproof Eye-liner to brighten my eyes. And if I want something extra, I can always pop a bit of my Sephora Flashy Waterproof liner and smoke it a bit. 

Going 'lippy, I really like to wear corals and pinks during summer (reds are nice too, but I like to leave them for more formal occasions during summer, while in Winter I like to wear them more often). So my choices go for the Bourjois Color Boost in Fuchsia Libre which a really bright and happy pink, MAC Sunny Seoul a more cheer coral and lastly but not least Too Faced Juicy Melons, which has more orange than Sunny Seoul and it's more creamy and pigmented. 

So here are my choices. Are you interested in knowing my Summer Skin Care Routine? 
Take Care Everyone, have a nice day!

With Love,

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